Do you wish to learn mathematics at your own pace? Do you wish to complete homework on your own schedule? Could you benefit from mathematical assistance from a mathematics tutor or professor?

If yes, then the Emporium Model is for you. This Emporium Model provides you with the benefit of learning mathematics at your own pace and on your own personal schedule. The Emporium Lab is open Monday through Friday. 

With UWG’s “2 + 3” model, you are required to: (1) attend two 50-minute class sessions each week and (2) attend three hours in the Emporium Lab each week. These three hours in the Emporium Lab are flexible and can be completed at your convenience.   

Other potential benefits include:

  • Spend more time practicing mathematics problems. 
  • Receive personalized on-demand mathematical assistance.
  • Engage in doing mathematics!

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