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This Maymester Session I (May 12 – May 30) is primarily a make-up session for students that have taken the course and want to improve their grade (for example from F to C or C to B).
Other students that feel they know the material and think they can successfully pass this 2 week intensive course are welcome to register.
The Math Tutoring Center will be available as well as online help through CourseDen.
Students who have not taken these courses already are recommended NOT to enroll in this section.
 Summer Session I will be your best option:
  1. Two weeks of class while the material is still fresh on your mind
  2. It focuses on solving problems to better prepare you for the exams
  3. It has one midterm and one final ONLY
  4. Then you may enjoy June and July vacation 

MATH 1113 Precalculus (fast track one course 4 credits) or regular track MATH 1111 College Algebra + MATH 1112 Trigonometry (two semesters 3+3 credit hours)

MATH 1113 = MATH 1111 + MATH 1112