A group of students and Mathematics faculty, including Drs. Faucette, Leach, & Robinson from the Computing and Mathematics department, and Mr. Rehfuss and Dr. Sykes from the General Education department, recently got together on November 1st  for the first meeting of the UWG Math Club after a several year hiatus. Along with the usual sharing of pizza, they discussed re-establishing the Math Club as a student group that is open to all students interested in math (not just Math majors!) and future events for the Spring 2022 semester.UWG Math Club graphic for McNuggets, Money, and Mathematics

The meeting also included a seminar presentation by Dr. David Leach, Professor of Mathematics, entitled “McNuggets, Money, and Mathematics” that discussed how to solve some counting problems using polynomials and infinite series. The talk explained how there are 293 ways to make change for a dollar, and why it was impossible to buy 43 Chicken McNuggets when they were sold in packs of 6, 9, and 20.

Students interested in participating in the UWG Math Club are encouraged to contact Dr. Leach for more information and to receive updates for future activities.