Math Club

The Math Club is a fun social club open to math majors, math faculty, and other students who are interested in Mathematics. We meet several times a year to socialize, eat free food, talk about math, and do games or puzzles that are math-related. Memberships is free. 

If you would like to join the Math Club, contact Dr. Jett at 
Faculty Co-advisors: Dr. Sykes and Dr. Wei

Math Modeling Team

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling is a competition in which teams of three students are challenged to use mathematics to solve a real-world problem from science or industry. The problems are usually posed in a nonmathematical way and the students must write a paper that proposes and analyzes a mathematical model to solve the problem. The contest requires not only mathematical skills but also skills in creative problem solving, computing, and effective communication of technical ideas. Knowledge of physics and other sciences is also often useful. Possible awards are Successful Participation, Honorable Mention, Meritorious, and Outstanding.

This year's contest attracted 522 teams representing 282 institutions from 11 countries; two teams from West Georgia participated. The team of Juan Orphee, Brian Bockelman, and Eshwar Stalin (advised by Dr. Scott Gordon) earned an award of Meritorious for their paper, "Wind and Water Spray". They developed a model to determine how to control the pressure of a fountain in a large open plaza based on wind conditions so that the fountain doesn’t spray passersby. Full results and more details on the contest can be found at

If you have a strong background in math, physics, engineering, or computing, and you think you might be interested in participating, contact Dr. Scott Gordon at for more information.

Kappa Mu Epsilon Honor Society

The West Georgia Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, National Mathematics Honor Society was established on May 21, 1975, and was the first chapter of K.M.E. in the state of Georgia, hence its name: Georgia Alpha. There are now 257 members of the Georgia Alpha Chapter.