The requirements for the English Education degree reflect national standards for English and Language Arts education.

The courses in Area F of the core and those in the major also reflect principles set down by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Pedagogy-centered courses in the major and in the secondary concentration incorporate learning about and demonstration of the descriptors of The Conceptual Framework and the Attitudes for teacher education and comply with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education’s (NCATE’s) standards. Finally, the program’s courses also comply with Georgia's Quality Core Curriculum.

Course Requirements

Core Areas A, B, C, D, E.

All students must complete Core Areas A through E.

FYI—English Education students should also work toward completing the TEP (Teacher Education Program) core sequence listed in F.1 below. These courses are required for TEP admission, which should occur by the end of your Sophomore year in order to avoid graduation delays.

Area F—Courses Related to the Major (18 Hours)


  • ENGL 2001 Introduction to Literature
  • ENGL 2110 World Literature
  • FORL 2001 & 2002

Choose two from the following:

  • ENGL 2120 British Literature
  • ENGL 2130 American Literature
  • ENGL 2180 African American Literature
  • ENGL 2190 Women’s Literature


  • Area F requires 4 ENGL courses and 6 hours of FORL (2001/2002). If one of these courses (ENGL 2110, 2120, 2130 or FORL 2001 or 2002) is taken in Core C.2, then students can place FORL 1002 or approved humanities elective here instead. The literature survey courses fit well here for students who are transferring their core from another system school.
  • FORL 2002 is required for the B.A. degree. Students who complete their FORL requirement in fewer than nine hours can take an approved elective here.
  • FORL 1002, FORL 2001, and/or FORL 2002 courses used in area F cannot have already been used to satisfy requirements in Area B. 1 or C.2).

Upper-Division Courses in English

All students should be aware that:

  • a grade of C or higher is required for all major courses and for all courses in the Professional Education Sequence;
  • courses marked with an asterisk (*) will count in a designated area based on their specific course content;
  • English majors can take no more than 2 upper-level ENGL courses toward the major (6 credit hours) before completing the required 2000-level courses for the major and ENGL 3000.
  1. A. ENGL 3000 (Research and Methodology)—(3 Hours)

  2. B. Literary History—(12 Hours)

    • ENGL 4000 Studies in British Literature I
    • ENGL 4002 Studies in British Literature II
    • ENGL 4003 Studies in American Literature I
    • ENGL 4005 Studies in American Literature II
  3. C. English Education Requirements—(9 Hours)

    • ENGL 3400 Pedagogy and Writing
    • ENGL 4295 Young Adult Literature
    • ENGL 4300 Studies in the English Language (Grammar or HEL)
  4. D. English Elective—(3 Hours)

    • ENGL 4XXX Any additional 4000 level English course.
    • For the ENGL ED major track, ENGL 4188 (Shakespeare) is strongly recommended.
  5. E. ENGL 4384 Senior Seminar— (3 Hours)

    Prerequisites for Senior Seminar: Completion of Area F and 18 hours of upper-level ENGL courses with a C or higher. No course may be substituted for the Senior Seminar.

  6. F. Professional Education Requirements— (34 hours).

Teacher Education Program (TEP) Sequence

  1. Pre-TEP (Teacher Education Program) Core Sequence
    • EDUC 2110 Investigating Critical & Contemporary Issues in Education
    • EDUC 2120 Exploring Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Diversity
    • EDUC 2130 Teaching & Learning
    • SPED 3715 The Inclusive Classroom
  2. Students should complete the pre-TEP course sequence in their first two years at UWG and must be ready to apply to the TEP by the end of their sophomore year to avoid graduation delays. All students in the English Education track must apply to the TEP. See a College of Education Advisor early about the process and pre-service certification; Instructions on how to schedule an appointment with the COE.

  3. Post-TEP (Teacher Education Program) Sequence - One must already be admitted into the Teacher Education Program (TEP) before enrolling in any of the following courses.
    • MEDT 3401 Integrating Technology
    • CEPD 4101 Educational Psychology
    • SEED 4271 Curriculum in Secondary Schools
    • SEED 4238/L Methods for Teaching Secondary English*
    • SEED 4286/9 Teaching Internship*


    • Students must take SEED 4271, a spring only course, before SEED 4238/L, which is offered every fall.
    • SEED 4286/9 is the only class that students complete their final semester at UWG.