All students stay in privately owned apartments in the historic center of Spoleto. Since these are not drab, cookie-cutter dorm rooms, each space varies. All apartments, however, offer similar amenities (fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms with showers, common areas, Wifi, most with washing machines, etc.). Students will have separate beds in double rooms, with no more than four people sharing a bathroom. We will always try to meet student room requests.

Apartments in a historic city center are a real treat. One of our chosen apartments is a penthouse deal—all windows and views—with a deck to boot. Another sports a private terrace. Still others offer frescoed and coffered ceilings. The point is, living in Spoleto is usually the best part of the trip. You quickly identify your favorite place for a morning coffee, the best pizza stand, the ice-cream joint with stunning views of the valley. Along the way, you also get to know the townspeople, make friends with the café owners and butchers, the grocers and the pizza makers. The trip should really be called “Living Abroad,” in the most expansive sense of that verb. And everything is within a ten-minute walk.