Monday through Thursday, students enjoy dinner at Ristorante Duelle, an independently owned and operated local eatery. Dinners there include a "primo" (or "first course," usually pasta, rice, or soup), a "secondo" (or "second course," usually a protein--beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc.), and a "contorno" (or "sidedish," usually a cooked vegetable or salad), plus water to drink.

Vegetarian options are always available. The menu changes daily and often includes homemade pasta. Beverages besides water are not included in the program cost. Students have consistently rated their experience eating at Duelle as the single best part of our trip, since the owners treat us to outrageously yummy food and all manner of extras, including impromptu cooking lessons, olive oil tastings, and much more. In many respects, they are the heart of the program.

Italy Studet Dinner