Professors and students will fly together to Rome after spring classes, in early May. A chartered bus will transport program participants to Spoleto (about an hour and a half from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport). All class-based travel--including the flight from Atlanta to Rome, all bus and train fares related to class, and all museum and site entrance fees--is covered by the program. Travel not covered by the program includes any weekend trips, which the students may choose to finance and schedule on their own.

In order to travel to Italy, students need a valid U.S. passport. Students holding passports from other countries must ensure that they will allow them entrance into Italy. The program is not responsible for acquiring Visas for foreign students.

For more information on travel-related issues, check out the FAQs section HERE.

"My summer study abroad in Italy--literally my first time out of the southern United States--was the beginning of many journeys for me. The experience of discovering a new culture opened up a future for me that I never would have imagined. Because of that summer, I went on to spend a year in the Czech Republic as an exchange student, and also won a Fulbright grant to teach literature in the Slovak Republic. These international experiences taught me more about the world and my place in it than I can easily express. Had I not taken that first step by way of my Study Abroad Italy summer, I would not be where I am today."

--Nick McRae, B.A. in English (UWG), M.F.A. in Creative Writing (Ohio State University), Ph.D. in Poetry (University of North Texas).