International English Honors Society


What is Sigma Tau Delta?

Sigma Tau Delta is an international honor society for English majors and minors.  The society seeks to recognize students who excel in their literary studies and serves both to applaud what students have achieved and enrich their experience of literary study through local and national events.

What does Sigma Tau Delta do?

The West Georgia Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta sponsors a number of activities each year. Specific events depend on the interests of the current membership but in the past have included theater trips, a literary costume party at Halloween, a spring party, informal gatherings at local restaurants, student research colloquia, career discussions and much more. These activities are only a starting point: marathon readings, literary film nights, literary all depends on what students think would make their time as English majors more interesting and rewarding.

How can I join Sigma Tau Delta?

Prospective members must be English majors or minors or graduate students who have completed two English courses beyond English 1101/1102, have a minimum B average in their English classes and have completed at least three semesters of college study. 

Membership application forms are available in the English Program Office, TLC 2255. Applications should be accompanied by a check for $40 (your lifetime membership fee), made out to Dr. Matt Franks.

Do I need to be a member to attend activities?

No! Members help plan and organize activities, but everyone is welcome to attend events.

What are some of the benefits of becoming a member of the society?

The national organization sponsors a conference, you can submit your creative work to The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle or critical writing to The Sigma Tau Delta Review. Members are also eligible for scholarships through the national organization, and all members receive the national newsletter, letting you know what's going on in literary studies around the country.

Visit the Sigma Tau Delta national website

How can I suggest activities or get more information?

Have you got an idea for a Sigma Tau Delta event?  Do you have questions about joining Sigma Tau Delta or participating in an activity? Contact one of the faculty advisors in the English Program with any thoughts, questions, or ideas about the chapter at West Georgia.