Approved Course Proposals (Variable Topic Courses)

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Updated 9/2018 by M. Franks

ENGL 4/5106 Genre

  • Arthurian Literature (Haught)
  • Autobiography (Hipchen)
  • Black Speculative Fiction (Boyd)
  • Epic (Pearson)
  • Film Noir (Mock, Umminger)
  • Ghost Stories (Haught)
  • Gothic (Crafton)
  • Humor (Casper)
  • Non-Fiction Prose (Erben)
  • Romance (Haught)
  • Satire (Miller)
  • Time Travel (Haught)
  • Western (Mock)

ENGL 4/5109 Film As Literature

  • 1970s (Mock)
  • A Knight at the Movies (Haught)
  • Adapting the Victorians (Mitchell)
  • African-American Cinema (Boyd, Masters)
  • Becoming Cyborg (Crafton)
  • Brains, Athletes, Basket Cases, Princesses, and Criminals: Kids on Film (Insenga)
  • Early America at the Movies (Erben)
  • Film Adaptations of African American Literary Texts
  • Film and the Novel: A Study in Adaptation
  • Horror Film (Mock)
  • Images of Addiction (Mock)
  • It’s Alive: Frankenstein on Film (Crafton)
  • Just Whistlin' Dixie?: The Celluloid South (Insenga)
  • Language (Un)Bound: Representations of Language on Film (Harrison)
  • Lost and Found Footage (Insenga)

ENGL 4/5170 African-American Literature

  • Early African American Literature (Boyd)
  • Neo-Slave Narratives (Umminger)
  • The Harlem Renaissance (Boyd)
  • Twentieth-Century African American Novel (Boyd)

ENGL 4/5180 Studies in Regional Literature

  • Antebellum Southern Literature (Newton)
  • Literature of the West (MacComb)
  • Southern Literature (Hendricks)
  • Southern Women Writers (Harrison)

ENGL 4/5185 Studies in Literature by Women

  • American Intersections (Harrison)
  • British Women Novelists (Mitchell)
  • Feminist Experiments (Harrison)
  • Reading Black, Reading Feminist: Black Women Writers (Boyd)
  • Sentiment and Subversion in American Fiction (MacComb)
  • The Sign of Angellica: The Body (Politic) in British Literature by Women (Crafton)
  • Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives: Life Writing by Women (Hipchen)

ENGL 4/5188 Individual Authors

  • Aphra Behn (Miller)
  • Benjamin Franklin (Erben)
  • Brontes (Mitchell)
  • Christopher Marlowe (Pearson)
  • Daniel Defoe (Miller)
  • Edgar Allan Poe (Newton)
  • Edith Wharton
  • Eudora Welty (Harrison)
  • Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Hunter S. Thompson (Hipchen)
  • J. M. Coetzee (Miller)
  • Jane Austen (Crafton)
  • John Milton
  • Langston Hughes (Boyd)
  • Margaret Atwood (Harrison)
  • Mark Twain (MacComb)
  • Ralph Ellison (Boyd)
  • Sarah Waters (Miller)
  • Shakespeare For Teachers (Pearson)
  • Sylvia Plath (Davidson)
  • Tennessee Williams
  • Thomas Hardy
  • Toni Morrison (Masters)
  • Virginia Woolf (Mitchell, Franks)
  • William Blake
  • William Faulkner (Hendricks)
  • William Shakespeare

ENGL 4/5300 Studies in the English Language

  • English Grammar
  • History of the English Language

ENGL 4/5310 Studies in Literary Theory

  • Literary Theory
  • Southern Feminism (Harrison)
  • Translation and Its Discontents (Davidson)

ENGL 4/5385 Special Topics

  • 21st Century Literature (Umminger)
  • A World Made of Words: Studies in Native American Literature (Newton)
  • Adoption in Literature and Culture (Hipchen)
  • Black Speculative Fiction (Boyd)
  • Bodies of Horror: Gothic Literature and Film (Crafton)
  • Dirty Words: The Literature of Toxicity, Disease, and Global Filth (Davidson)
  • English Witch Plays (Pearson)
  • Gothic America (MacComb)
  • Hazardous Materials: Toxicity, Pollution, Contamination, and Waste (Davidson)
  • History of Ephemera (Miller)
  • Literature and Culture of the Restoration (Miller)
  • Masculinity and Materialism (Miller)
  • Post 9/11 Literature (Umminger)
  • Professing Teacherhood: Reading the Culture of Reading Teachers (Insenga)
  • Queer Theory and the Fictions of Empire (Franks)
  • Science and Literature/Translating Science (Miller)
  • Sensation and the Supernatural in British Fiction (Miller)
  • Shakespeare on Film (Pearson)
  • The American Captivity Narrative: Victims, Victors, & Vanquishers (Harrison)
  • The Un-virtuous Republic: Tropes of Transgression in the Early American Novel (Erben)
  • Tolkein (Haught)
  • Vamps and Revamps:  British Women's Literature (Insenga)