Students enrolled in this program can receive 6 semester hours toward their major or minor or to satisfy language requirements.

Intercultura Centro de Idiomas provides intensive language training for students. UWG faculty offer more advanced courses for majors and minors who participate in the program.

Students may choose from the following course combinations:

  • SPAN 2001 (Intermediate Spanish I) and 2002 (Intermediate Spanish II)
  • SPAN 2002 (Intermediate Spanish II) and 3102 (Spanish Composition)
  • SPAN 3101 (Spanish Conversation) and 3102 (Spanish Composition)
  • SPAN 4785 Paisaje y literatura and SPAN 4240 Spanish Short Story

In addition to academic course offerings, Intercultura offers weekly extracurricular activities such as dance classes, cooking classes, conversation exchanges with Costa Rican students, and film series. Students will be required to attend a minimum of 5 hours of extracurricular activities as part of their course grades. Students are welcome to attend as many extra activities as they would like, free of charge!