When employers interview candidates for jobs or review committees consider students for graduate programs, they seek applicants who have gone above and beyond to develop professional skills. Double majoring in French, German, or Spanish says something about you - that you have the persistence and ambition to learn another language and to engage with other cultures on their own terms. The future is multicultural and multilingual, and with us you will acquire a set of skills that are highly transferable to any career path or graduate program. Your second major in French, German, or Spanish will set you apart!

Here's what's needed for a double major:

Area F

  • FREN/GRMN/SPAN 1002-2001 (9 hrs)
  • 9 hrs of coursework from your other major's area F


FREN/GRMN/SPAN 2002 + required upper-level coursework (27-28 hrs)