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Complete the Participant Information and Course Information questionnaires and the two signature documents (Program Admission/Conduct/Liability and Program Payment Schedule). If you would like to apply for scholarship support from the University of West Georgia (UWG students only), complete and submit the scholarship application, as well. Accepted students will need to provide the program directors with two copies of their passport information page prior to departure.

Be advised that a passport valid for at least six months after the departure date from Costa Rica is necessary for travel to Costa Rica. In other words, participants will need a passport valid until at least December 23, 2020. Due to the time required to process passports, potential participants are advised to begin applying for or renewing their passports as soon as possible.

Information regarding passports

Participants do not require special vaccinations to travel to Costa Rica, although a physician's checkup will be required prior to departure. The program directors will circulate the required medical documentation, which can be completed free of charge at University Health Services, after students have been accepted to the program.

Blake Heard '17

"Going to Costa Rica was undoubtedly the greatest experience of my life. Before this trip, I had never been outside of the US, and Costa Rica was a perfect place to go to get my first taste of life outside the States. The culture and lifestyle there is so genial and interesting! It is really something unique to be able to get out of my comfort zone and live in a foreign land for a month. The amount of Spanish I learned in those 4 weeks was simply incredible, both from school and from spending time with the locals. From all the exotic foods to being feet away from wild monkeys, Costa Rica always keeps you guessing! I would definitely recommend the trip to anyone." 

Blake Heard