About the Hall

Kathy Cashen Hall

Kathy Cashen Recital Hall is an intimate acoustic venue that seats 227 between the main floor and balcony levels. A fully equipped student-operated recording booth is located between the entrances. Recitals and rehearsals involving Music faculty and students are scheduled regularly throughout the year. Cashen Hall has a 9’ Steinway concert grand piano on stage and a 16-rank Reuter pipe organ & console backstage.

See one of our many recitals in Cashen Hall and experience this one-of-a-kind venue -open to the community!

Concerts, Events, and Directions


Cashen Hall is first and foremost a recital hall; however, reservations can be made for other departments and program areas, and outside studios and are subject to approval. Since Cashen houses the only pipe organ on campus, organ instruction and practice occurs here.

Blackout periods: Fall break-Fall graduation, Spring break-Spring graduation

As part of our academic programs, music students typically perform recitals toward the end of the semester, so we reserve the space exclusively for them at that time.

Kathy Cashen Recital Hall FAQ

Find out more by reading the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Cashen Hall is first and foremost a recital hall.

It is an intimate setting that seats 227 over two levels. Its intended purpose is to be the performing space of solo musicians and small musical ensembles.

Because of its design, Cashen Hall may or may not be the best venue for your event. Events not held by the Music Program should be limited to lectures, academic awards presentations, acoustical concerts, panel discussions, and special meetings.

There are many challenges associated with non-musical events, including lighting, staging, and audibility.

Larger and more brightly lit venues on campus include the Campus Center ballrooms and the Townsend Center for the Performing Arts.

Lighting is suitable for the intended purpose of recitals providing an environment highlighting the performer on stage only. This setting may not suit all needs. Lighting is described below by zones:

  • Stage: There are 4 dimmable sets of LED lights directly above the stage that provide the majority of light to the stage.
  • Directional: There are 4 overhead lights that provide additional warm light to the stage.  These wash the targeted area. They are not spotlights.
  • Wall Sconces: These are dimmable lights throughout the seating areas.  These lights do not get bright and are unsuitable for note taking.

Cashen Hall is on the end of Humanities and shares an outside wall backstage. Because of this, humidity and temperature variances are problematic backstage. Therefore, the grand piano is on stage at all times to avoid undue financial burdens associated with tuning the piano.

Access to the stage – and backstage – is only achieved by entering from the audience. The backstage is very small, similar to a hallway, and our performers use it only as such. There is little room to store items. There are no dressing rooms.

There is no house audio system because of the intimate setting of the hall.  Persons on stage are often heard clearly without the use of amplification. However, due to the nature of the building music rehearsals held directly upstairs can create sound bleed-through from the ceiling.

There are electrical outlets on the sides of the stage to use for a small amplification system (not supplied).

The Music Program can only reserve the hall for events but cannot provide services or equipment. Sound system, lecterns, screens, easels, projectors, overhead projector, chairs, tables, extension cords, decorative plant arrangements, etc. are not included in the reservation of the hall. Contact work information center (WIC) for delivery, set up, and removal of these items.

Sometimes it is best to see the hall for yourself! Schedule a short tour of the hall with the Music Program (678) 839-6262 or music@westga.edu