Welcome to the University of West Georgia Music Program Effectiveness Evaluation web page. You have taken an important step to learning about the many excellent educational opportunities available in the Music Program at the The University of West Georgia. The University of West Georgia is an institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). NASM is the national association that sets professional standards for institutional music programs throughout the United States.

The West Georgia Music Program is an important center of excellence in collegiate music education. The program proudly serves and enriches the culture of the West Georgia region and has an excellent reputation for educating musicians who seek careers in performance, teaching, and composition.

The program's distinguished artist/teacher faculty has extensive credentials and professional experience in performance, music education, production, and other specialized areas of work in music. Undergraduate and graduate students receive individualized instruction in a full range of music course offerings including private study in voice, piano, guitar, and all woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments.

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in music are designed to prepare talented students for professional careers in music education, performance, and composition, or for opportunities in the music business world. In addition to the academic degree programs, students find enrichment through concerts, recitals, workshops, and master classes by visiting performers, composers, scholars and teachers and the program's full- and part-time faculty. The faculty reviews all programs and courses annually to ensure that they meet current professional practices , and are designed to be appropriate and directly related to the purpose and goals of the institution and the financial and instructional resources of the institution.

Both music-major and non-music -major students participate in a wide range of ensemble performance activities for university credit. The university ensembles include the Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Opera Workshop, Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combos, Marching Braves, Braves Basketball Band, Percussion Ensemble, Keyboard Ensemble, and a variety of woodwind and brass ensembles.

Students are also encouraged to enroll in UWG core curriculum courses in music such as Music Appreciation (Core Area C), Survey of Jazz, Rock, and Popular Music (Core Area C), and Survey of World Music (Core Area B.2.). These course are designed to enrich the artistic and cultural understandings of students throughout the University.