UWG Music offers undergraduate degrees in Composition, Performance, and Education - along with a music minor. Graduate programs include Master's Degrees in Performance and Music Education, which is offered 100% online. Opportunities to participate in multiple ensembles are available to all UWG majors.

What Does the Music Program Provide?

Through its undergraduate programs and associated activities, the Music Program provides:

  • instruction designed to develop the musical understandings, performance abilities, and creative and critical skills of all music students
  • opportunities to develop the pedagogical insights and communication skills of prospective teachers
  • opportunities to develop a high degree of professionalism in scholarship and in performance
  • opportunities for both major and non-major students to broaden their acquaintance with the musical art through study and performance

Through its graduate programs and associated activities, UWG Music provides opportunities for the graduate student to:

  • develop an advanced level of musical understandings and performance ability
  • foster the advancement of creative and critical skills
  • develop sophisticated pedagogical insights and advanced communication skills
  • produce scholarly and creative works in the fields of music and music education

Undergraduate Degrees

B.M. Music Education

This program is intended for those students who wish to teach music in the schools at the elementary, middle, and/or high school level. Students who complete this program have many career options in teaching and performance and can opt to pursue graduate study and seek teaching positions in higher education.  Options under this degree program include 1) Keyboard & Guitar, 2) Voice, and 3) Woodwind, Brass & Percussion.

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B.M. Performance

This program is designed for those students who wish to pursue a professional performance career, pursue graduate study and seek teaching positions in higher education, or establish private studios.

Optional Emphases

Jazz Studies
This program is intended for those students who wish to pursue the performance degree with a special emphasis in jazz. Students in this program take specialized courses in jazz improvisation, jazz composition and arranging, and jazz history.

Piano Pedagogy
This program is intended for those students who wish to pursue the performance degree with a special emphasis in piano pedagogy. Students in this program take specialized courses in piano pedagogy, keyboard literature, and collaborative performance.

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B.M. Composition

This program is designed for those students who wish to compose music professionally or who wish to pursue graduate study and seek teaching positions in higher education.

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Minors and Certifications

The music minor is designed for undergraduate students who wish to continue formal study in music while earning a degree in another field of study. The typical music-minor student actively performs in the University's choral and vocal ensembles, bands, percussion groups, and small ensembles.

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The Initial Certification Program in Music Education is a non-degree program designed for those individuals who have an earned undergraduate degree in music from an accredited institution and wish to obtain certification to teach music (P-12) in Georgia.

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The Interdisciplinary Certificate in Musical Theatre provides students of musical theatre the opportunity to take courses in the three facets of the discipline: Theatre, Music, and Dance. Students must audition to be admitted into the certificate program.

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Graduate Degrees

Are you looking to expand your possibilities in the field of music? Are you ready to build upon the good work you have done as a musician or a music educator? Graduate Studies in Music at the University of West Georgia include programs in Performance and Music Education with the Music Education degree offered fully online. Both programs are designed for those seeking advanced study in their chosen field and for those who might wish to pursue doctoral study. These programs prepare performers and music educators who are seeking teaching positions in higher education. Whatever goals you have set for yourself, UWG offers a curriculum designed to meet those goals and is taught by highly qualified faculty in an environment of scholarly challenge and collegial support.

The University of West Georgia is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

This fully online program is intended for those individuals who seek advanced licensure in music teaching or for those who wish to pursue doctoral study and seek teaching positions in higher education.

Online Master of Music Education

Online studies. Personal experience.

Be the voice of music education by enrolling in a program taught by leaders in the field. Be engaged with music educators from around the country as you take courses designed to meet the needs of today’s music educator and for those seeking advanced licensure in music teaching. Course work is grounded in research, philosophy, history, current trends, theory, and the professional application of teaching behaviors critical for a successful music educator.

The Master of Music degree in Music Education at the University of West Georgia allows the student to:

  • Engage with highly qualified faculty with most holding additional certification in online course design
  • Study 100 percent online
  • Plan for a course load that best meets the needs of busy teachers

Your journey as a music educator continues here. Contact us to learn more!

From graduate William Rhoden:

Applying for the University of West Georgia was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. The University was easy to find among the myriads of online programs, and was one of the few MMs available fully online.

The coursework was rigorous, but manageable for a full-time educator. The professors were very understandable when life got in the way, and helped wherever they could. The discussions online were just as vibrant as discussions in a classroom. The material was relevant and helpful for a growing professional music educator.

This degree grew me professionally and personally for teaching in the 21st century. I am more equipped to deal with the ever changing classroom, and look forward to facing new challenges.

From graduate Sharon Gianuzzi:

As an experienced music educator and "older" graduate student, I was somewhat intimidated by the prospect of taking online classes to further my education. However, the flexible schedule, affordability of the program and superior knowledge and passion of the professors at UWG made earning my MMEd an enjoyable reality.

The MMEd curriculum refreshes and enhances knowledge in the areas of music history, music appreciation, assessments, theory, psychology and philosophy. This program also delves deeply into the most up-to-date scientific research on the benefits of music education which has greatly strengthened my position as a music advocate. Whether you are an educator in a public or private setting desiring a higher degree or simply seeking to keep your skills sharp and relevant in the ever-changing field of music education, this program is for YOU!

From graduate Jessica Wiese:

As a distance learner, I chose UWG’s online Master of Music program because of its high accreditation, flexible schedule, and affordable tuition. The professors are of the highest quality musicians and educators, and they created a dynamic distance learning environment. I was challenged on an individual level from my professors, and grew with a community of accomplished professionals also seeking their MM.

My MM from UWG was exactly what I needed to advance professionally. Course content was directly applicable to my classroom, and strengthened my pedagogy, research, assessment, and musicianship skills. I was able to obtain the next level public school teacher certification and have been accepted into a doctoral program in educational leadership. UWG is leading the way in virtual instruction and I loved being a part of it!

Master of Music Education Program Page

This program is intended for those individuals who seek advanced training in music performance and/or wish to pursue doctoral study and seek teaching positions in higher education.

Master of Music in Performance

Perform higher. Perform West.

Explore the power of performance through graduate study in vocal and instrumental performance taught by scholarly performing artists in their respective fields. Opportunities for solo and ensemble performance are at the core of a curriculum designed to meet the needs of artists pursuing a career in performance and applied teaching. Courses also include research, history, theory, and pedagogy that prepare artists for stylistically informed performance of music from all eras.

The Master of Music degree in Music Performance at the University of West Georgia allows the student to:

  • Study with skilled artists who are active performers
  • Lead in solo and ensemble opportunities
  • Enroll in courses in history and theory that prepare students to engage in scholarly performance and knowledge

Master of Music Performance Program Page

Master of Music Degree Program Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the university’s admission requirements, the applicant must hold a Baccalaureate Degree in Music or the equivalent. Applicants seeking to enroll in the Master of Music in Music Education program must hold an undergraduate degree in Music Education, or an Undergraduate degree in Music PLUS professional teacher certification in Music. The Master of Music in Music Education program is 100% online. Students may use approved campus-based classes as electives.

Once an applicant has met regular standards for graduate admission, he/she will be required to meet all programmatic admission requirements for a Master of Music degree program. Any graduate courses completed prior to Regular Admission may apply to a Master of Music degree program after a student has successfully met all programmatic admission requirements. Three letters of recommendation from individuals who can address the applicant’s academic, personal, and professional suitability for graduate-level work in Performance or Music Education, as appropriate, are required. Applicants for the Master of Music in Music Education program must also submit a written statement of 400-500 words. Possible topics may include goals in pursuing a graduate degree, personal philosophy of teaching, or experiences that have prepared you for an advanced degree.

All Persons who seek programmatic admission to a Master of Music degree program must successfully complete the Music Graduate Diagnostic Exam to be admitted and register for classes. In addition, all applicants for the Master of Music in Performance must successfully complete the Graduate Performance Evaluation (audition). The online application for graduate admission may be found here:


Questions regarding graduate admission to the university should be addressed to the Office of Graduate and International Admissions at  (678) 839-1393.
If you have questions regarding Music graduate programs, please contact the Department of English, Film, Languages, and Performing Arts at (678) 839-4700 or Dr. Elizabeth Kramer at ekramer@westga.edu.

Music Graduate Diagnostic Examination

The Music Graduate Diagnostic Examination in music history and music theory is administered to determine whether the applicant meets competency standards for graduate study in music. Competencies are evaluated in:

  • Music History
  • Musical Styles (aural identification)
  • Music Theory
  • Aural Skills

The exam is taken at an approved, proctored testing site, either on the West Georgia campus or at a remote location. Testing fees are the responsibility of the candidate. A minimum score of 60% correct response on each section of the examination is required for passage. It may be taken a maximum of three times.

Vocal Principals seeking the Master of Music degree in Performance are required to write an English translation of one short poem from song texts written in the original French, German, or Italian language. A text in one of the three languages must be translated. The applicant may use a hard copy bilingual dictionary when taking the examination.

Graduate Applied Performance Evaluation

An Applied Performance Evaluation is administered to determine if the applicant meets minimum performance standards for admission to the Master of Music in Performance program. Minimum standards are evaluated through the applicant’s presentation of a 20-30-minute entrance recital for the faculty, prior to the first term of enrollment. Applicants must provide their own accompanists.

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