How is the BA different from the BFA?

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre is a broad-based degree, whereas the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre is a more focused degree in the two concentrations we offer: Acting and Design/Technology. Students are not required to audition to become a BA in Theatre candidate, whereas one must audition to get into the BFA in their second year on campus. More elective courses in outside departments may be taken in the BA program than in the BFA. Courses in world languages are required in the BA, whereas they are not in the BFA.

The aspects that both programs have in common are the things that attract us to Theatre: both programs celebrate ensemble, both programs develop problem-solving and time management skills, and both programs require commitment, collaboration, and creativity.

To what type of student is the BA suitable:

If you are a student who is passionate about Theatre as a whole rather than one area in Theatre, if you want to learn about more than one area in your time here, if you want to take some courses outside the major to see the connection between Theatre and that other discipline, then the BA is for you! 

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