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Widen Your Horizons.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre allows you to explore a wide range of areas in theatre and in your academic studies.

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  • 120 credit hours
  • Select from a variety of theatre courses
  • Many opportunities to participate in our productions
  • Direct connections to a booming local film and television industry
  • Student assistantships available

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Do you have a variety of interests in theatre? With a B.A. in Theatre, you can select from a diversity of acting, design, production, and screenwriting courses. Did you know that there are more career opportunities for students graduating with an theatre degree than ever before? The Atlanta area now produces more film and television than Hollywood. Now is the time to follow your passion.

Find Your Dream Job

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Find Your Dream Job

The B.A. in Theatre prepares students for careers in a wide range of rewarding fields, such as:

  • Directing, writing, producing, and acting
  • Arts management and administration
  • Stage management and event planning
  • Teaching and dramaturgy
  • Casting directing and talent agent
  • Drama therapy and life coaching
  • Pathway to graduate school for jobs in higher education

Design Your Future

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Design Your Future

Combine your interests strategically. Gain a competitive edge in the job market with expertise in Theatre plus another subject. Here are just a few examples:

  • B.A. in Theatre + Creative Writing Minor = Screenwriter

  • B.A. in Theatre + Arts Management Certificate = Arts Administrator

  • B.A. in Theatre + Musical Theatre Certificate = Stage Director

  • B.A. in Theatre + Film Studies Minor = Production Assistant

  • B.A. in Theatre + Art Minor = Set Designer

Student Success

Karlie Clifton

"UWG Theatre has prepared me for every career choice I have made—from teaching and directing to the launch of my own business through social media and content creation. I will forever be grateful for my courses, professors, and overall collegiate experience."

– Karlie Clifton '14, High School Teacher in Theatre and English

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