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Welcome to the vibrant world of the College of Arts, Culture, and Scientific Inquiry. From the fascinating study of anthropology to the enchanting stage of theatre, CACSI offers a diverse range of degree options tailored to your aspirations. Discover your true calling as you delve into the depths of artistic expression, scientific inquiry, cultural exploration, and beyond. CACSI is your gateway to an education that inspires, empowers, and transforms your dreams into reality.

Majors and Degrees

The College of Arts, Culture, and Scientific Inquiry Is the Heart and Soul of UWG

Gain expertise not only in the classroom but also in studios, laboratories, and the community. Cultivate valuable skills as artists, performers, researchers, scientists, writers, and thinkers. Graduate ready to shape and contribute to our rapidly changing 21st-century world.

Dynamic DepartmentsDynamic Departments

wolf sculpture

Dynamic Departments

Our college houses five specialized departments with programs that cater to your diverse academic interests.

Interdisciplinary PathwaysInterdisciplinary Pathways

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Interdisciplinary Pathways

Customize your degree path. Explore interdisciplinary options that combine courses from different programs to create a single focused academic degree.

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