If you need help finding your advisor, you can contact Megan Mayercik (mmayercik@westga.edu) or check your Wolf Watch through Banweb.

Academic advising is a critical component of the educational experience.  In the chemistry department advisor are assigned based on your progression towards your degree.  You are considered a Chemistry Freshman until you complete CHEM 1212+L with a high enough grade to move into Organic Chemistry.  You are considered a Chemistry Sophomore while you are taking the Organic Chemistry Sequence.  You are considered a Chemistry Upperclassman once you have made a C or better in Organic Chemistry 2.  The tabs below will explain advisors for each group of students:

You must meet with representatives from BOTH the Advising Center and from the Chemistry department.  The Advising Center will advise on available student resources, next steps for your degree track, how to register through BANWEB, and how to check your progress towards your degree (WolfWatch).  The Chemistry department advises on possible careers with a degree in Chemistry, recommended degree tracks, overall degree requirements, and where to find more specific information on degree/career tracks.

  1. The Advising Center will contact you to set up an appointment. 
  2. During your Advising Center appointment, they will schedule an appointment with Megan Mayercik in the Chemistry Department (TLC 2131).
  3. You must attend both appointments.

At this point in the curriculum, you will be taking Organic Chemistry, Sophomore Seminar, and Analytical Chemistry. You will be encouraged to starting thinking about career choices and life after graduation. You will need to contact your advisor to setup the appointment.  If you need help finding your advisor you can check WolfWatch, EAB Navigate, or you can contact Megan Mayercik (mmayercik@westga.edu).  In general, this is how they are assigned:

At this point, you can choose which faculty advisor you would like to guide you for the last roughly 2 years of your time here.  You will be officially assigned to Megan Mayercik, but your faculty member is the one who will remove your hold.  You should pick an advisor who can guide you in your chosen field. If you need help finding an advisor, you can contact Megan Mayercik (mmayercik@westga.edu).  Here are some suggestions for specific programs:

Students who plan to graduate within the next 2 semesters should see Dr. Slattery (sslatt@westga.edu) to review their WolfWatch and graduation status.