Here are the basic steps for taking transient classes. 

Step 1 - Pick out the school you wish to attend, verify they are offering your course.
Step 2 - Apply to that school as a transient student.
Step 3 - Download the transient status form above. You will need to fill in the first 2 sections. Also, read all information on back of the form. Then, it needs to be signed by your Academic Advisor, the Department chair for that course, and the Dean for that College.
Step 4 - Make sure your completed transient form is sent to the Registrar's Office, Financial Aid Office and the school you will be attending.
Step 5 - Monitor emails and follow up with both UWG and your transient school.

Some warnings about transient classes

  1. Make sure you follow up with Financial Aid before you go to your transcient school and when you return to UWG. In addition, check your academic standing before attending the transcient school.
  2. If this course is a prerequisite for a course you wish to register for in the fall, contact the professor for your fall class. You will need an override to register for the fall class. You will also need to stay in contact with the professor, so that you are not dropped for missing prerequisites.
  3. As soon as your transient semester ends, request a transcript is sent to UWG.
  4. Monitor your UWG emails during the semester transitions.