Writing Guides

For help on writing an official chemistry report, lab report assignments, or other important items, please refer to the links below:

Safety Guides

For the latest ACS Regulations and Policies regarding Lab Safety, please refer to the links below:

Poster Guidelines and Tips

Each poster will have its own dedicated poster board that is 4’ tall by 6’ wide (including the frame), so your poster must fit within those dimensions. You will need to include key information, such as a title, authors and their affiliations, an introduction, methods, results, discussion, a conclusion that covers future work, acknowledgments, and references. Remember that you will be present at your poster, and figures and graphics are much better starting points for discussion than paragraphs, so try to limit the amount of text by using just enough to help tell your story. Any figures, images, and text should be large enough to read clearly from a few feet away. 

Surviving Your First ACS Undergraduate Poster Presentation (PDF)
Speaking Tips for Presenting a Poster (PDF)

These tips were found at Getting Ready for the ACS National Meeting