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The Other Night School Schedule (PDF)   

The Wac Is a Soldier Too: The U.S. Women’s Army Corps

Dr. Stephanie Chalifoux, Associate Professor of History
UWG Newnan Center, View Directions
Tuesday, September 21, 6:00 Reception, 6:30 Talk

Controversy surrounded the enlistment of women in the military during World War II. Join us as we look at what sparked opposition and how these patriotic women defied gender ideals of the era.

Truth or Illusion: The Quest for Reality in Art

Dr. Nathan Rees, Associate Professor of Art History
Carrollton Center For The Arts, View Directions
Tuesday, October 12, 6:00 Reception, 6:30 Talk

Is a truthful image an accurate representation of what the eye sees, or must representations of “reality” require the unseen truth of ideas? What truths can we learn from artworks that are all about illusion? Come explore the contentious and eye-opening debate about truth versus illusion in the history of art. This talk will coincide and dialogue with the CCA’s Verisimilitude photography exhibition, featuring work by UWG faculty John Morris, Casey McGuire, and Mark Schoon.

Paris and the Gentleman Thief

Dr. Robert Kilpatrick, Professor of French
Jordan’s Ridge, Chattahoochee Hills, View Directions
Tuesday, November 2, 6:00 Reception, 6:30 Talk

Much about the new Netflix series Lupin, which details the exploits of gentleman-thief Assane Diop, is not new at all. Join us for a trip to the banks of the Seine as we learn how a mysterious thief from France's belle époque has been recast for our times.

Below the Surface of Subterraneous

Jamie Thierman, Special Guest Lecturer
Carnegie Library, Newnan *no Alcohol Served*, View Directions
Tuesday, November 16, 6:00 Reception, 6:30 Talk

Los Angeles-based composer Jamie Thierman discusses her work in film and TV, and how African music inspired her percussion piece Subterraneous. Thierman has orchestrated numerous film and TV scores, including Bridgerton, Outlander, The Mandalorian, and The Handmaid’s Tale.