This project introduces poetry to wider audiences by presenting poetry in collaboration with design on UWG buses and in other areas. The project aims to share the talents of students in the UWG English, Mass Communications, and Art Programs while making daily commutes more interesting and inspiring. It also allows for creative students to engage in unique collaborative experiences together and influence the perspectives of the UWG community of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Poetry by UWG Creative Writing students, illustration by Art alumnus Nancy Vu, BFA Art '22.


An Ode to Massachusetts with Illustration


An Ode to Massachusetts

By Hannah Lawless

Three girls stand, shoulder to shoulder
on the rocky coastline of Hull.
Looking out at the aftermath
of the previous night’s nor’easter,
the grey sky shrouding them into silhouettes.

Three girls bent at the waist, sifting
through crumbled shells and pebbles, discarding
bits of seaweed and broken sand dollars.
Quahog clams are pulled from the rubble,
clutched in the palms of their small hands.
Woven baskets burdened by their catch.

Three girls stand in the kitchen,
hair still brittle from the Atlantic spray.
Watching as skilled hands pry apart
rough grey exteriors, ripping pink flesh
from its home. The hands mince, dice
and butter. Sprinkle breadcrumbs, garlic,
and parmesan, placing the concoction back
into the safety of the home it had once known,
and the girls indulge in their catch of the day.

Three girls sit, shoulder to shoulder
on the bench seat of the 1967 Station Wagon.
Craning their strained necks to look back
past cracked leather suitcases, trying
to catch a glimpse at the house on the coast.
Polished clam shells that had cost them broken
fingernails and scratched knuckles
resting in their laps.
An ode to Massachusetts, their mother whispered.


Junie Cuts the Grass, full poem


Junie Cuts the Grass

By Kiandra Christopher

Red ants retreat to the hills,
decorated with Moringa leaves and sugar crystals.
Bubble-eyed pigeons flee to the palm tree
while thrushes stick their narrow heads under coconut shells.
When the rooster crows at the 82-degree sun,
the stench of genips and burnt grass caught the mongoose by its tongue.
Bees curse at him for running over the Yellow Cedars’ pregnant bellies.
Tiny shrubs hide behind ripped socks,
covered in a worm herd, strangling the big toe.
A tamarind seed shoots the iguana king
straight in the good eye,
ruining long work of mango duty.
Ripe yet battered core,
knocks the lizard off the clothing line
to the crisscross fence.
Fat furball chokes on the week-old pâté,
drizzled with thorns and moss.
But he felt no shame when
heavy nectar knotted his beard.
Humming Pressure Busspipe down tunnels of guava berries.
Whistle to brittle snaps,
His forceful grin couldn’t help but applaud the beautiful canvas he created.
Shaggy’s hairy lawn is now bald,
And three Benjamins fit perfectly in his worn-out glove.