This project introduces poetry to wider audiences by presenting poetry in collaboration with design on UWG buses and in other areas. The project aims to share the talents of students in the UWG English, Mass Communications, and Art Programs while making daily commutes more interesting and inspiring. It also allows for creative students to engage in unique collaborative experiences together and influence the perspectives of the UWG community of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Poetry by UWG Creative Writing students, illustration by Art alumnus Nancy Vu, BFA Art '22.

Illustration for Why Okinawans are Dark-Skinned

Why Okinawans Are Dark Skinned

By Kain Kibodeaux

My mother told me: we were birthed from pain,
mixed-blooded people carved from sky’s gut.
Japan’s first people that the earth betrayed.
The only place the sun submerged its smile
and forced us to dig till dusk when stars filled
their pockets with stone and abandoned us.
We were a people born from noise, the sounds
of bullets tearing through the metal shells
of turtles that emerged on the beach. Pressed
against our chests we pulled grenades and
bathed in gas to see God for the first time.
The shots cut the silence of water’s edge.
We cupped smoke that rose from the Garand’s bore.
The guns exhaled death—the last thing alive.

Illustration for Born to Be

Born to Be

By Kinadi Dill

I think I was born to be
the hopeful glue
between the palms
of my mother and my
stepfather who screamed
at the sky under our roof
on Stonehenge

I think I was born to trace
my fingers along the
prickled corners of my
seventh new bedroom
where lavender scented
trash bags found a home
by the door, wilted and
waiting in the shadows
of yesterday

I think I was born to nurture
the children who died in
adult bodies under 
the soil of dormancy 
and make a promise to
cradle the fears that 
burned their throats and
mirrored my own

I think I was born to crawl in
my belly and build a bed
with silk-stretch sheets
that swallow me whole
and brush my skin
with orange-glazed
monarchs that will
birth myself anew