Project Display

  • Placement & Maximum Size of Project

    All WGRSEF project materials, supports, equipment, and demonstrations must be exhibited on the tabletop.

    Displays are mostly trifold boards. Pull-ups and pop-ups are allowed if within dimensions.

    • Depth      (front to back)        30 inches
    • Width      (side to side)          48 inches
    • Height     (tabletop to top)     72 inches
  • Other Items Required on Tabletop
    1. Must use the Official GSEF Abstract Form. It must be displayed vertically, preferably by taping it to hang from the front edge of the table or stand in a document frame (no glass).  
    2. A three-ring binder containing photocopies (not originals) of all required and optional forms in numeric order.
      1. Form (1): Checklist for Adult Sponsor (required)
      2. Form (1A): Student Checklist (required)
      3. Research Plan/Project Summary (Follow instructions on page 2 of form 1A) (required)
      4. Form (1B): Approval Form (required)
      5. Forms (1C) through (7) (if required for your project)
    3. Project logbook
    4. Other items such as a photo album of the work, previous logbooks for Continuation projects, and items that are necessary to demonstrate the science if the board and binder are not sufficient.
  • Displayed Graphs, Images, & Photos

    Credits: You must cite the source of every photo, graph, table, chart or other images, including those made by the student and those taken from the internet, journals and books. The citation must state who created the graph/chart/table, who took the photograph, or where a photo or image came from. For example: “All photographs by Jon Kim,” or “Image from” Credit lines may be placed next to each item or elsewhere on the front of the board. If all graphs/images were created by the exhibitor or are from the same source, one clearly visible credit line or on a “tent” on the table is sufficient.

    Content: Photos or images on board must not be deemed insensitive, offensive or inappropriate (e.g., no surgery, necrosis or dissection) by any member of the SRC, the Display & Safety Committee or GSEF staff. The decision made by any one of these groups is final.

  • Audio-Visual or Multi-Media

    At WSRSEF, electronic displays, e.g., PowerPoint or videos, for non-computer science projects are discouraged unless they are necessary to demonstrate the science. Displays must be under 30 seconds, with 15 seconds preferred. Judges are not required to view them. 

    WSRSEF will not provide any audio-video or multi-media equipment and is not responsible for equipment damage and/or theft.

GSEF Display Regulations (2022 Pending GSEF Update)