• Who may participate West Georgia Regional Science and Engineering Fair (WGRSEF)?

    The WGRSEF is open to all students in grades 6-12 who have advanced from their local science fair (school, county, district, or community fair) and reside within the following Georgia counties: Carroll, Coweta, Douglas, Haralson, Heard, Meriwether, Polk, and Troup.

  • What can get me disqualified from WGRSEF?
    • Presenting someone else’s work as your own.
    • Refusing to follow instructions of WGRSEF staff or judges.
    • Violation of WGRSEF Display & Safety Regulations
  • How many WGRSEF projects advance to GSEF?

    The number advancing each year is allocated annually by GSEF. The winning projects are decided at the discretion of the judging panel and do not necessarily come from all categories represented.

  • What kinds of projects usually win top awards?
    • Projects with large data sets, clean design, unique approach, and statistical analysis.
    • Projects based on solid and sufficient data that is processed accurately and presented clearly.
  • What are the most common paperwork, research, and display errors?

    Paperwork Errors

    • Failure to do the forms that must be done before starting on your research project.
    • Missing signatures or missing forms.

    Research Errors

    • Insufficient data due to small sample size or too few replications/repetitions.
    • Having a conclusion that does not directly derive from your data. Or collecting the wrong type of data - data that can’t support or disprove your stated hypothesis/purpose.

    Display Errors

    • Forgetting to display credits for every photo, chart,and graph, even your own.
    • Including an unofficial abstract on the board. Only the unaltered 8.5x11 official abstract form may be displayed.
    • Showing people in photos or videos without having their signed release at the exhibit.
    • Glass. Followed by food (including spices, candy, salt), seeds, powders, gels, liquids, wax, chemicals, teeth, blood stains, heat sources, pinch points, sharps, sand, plant or animal matter (dead or alive), exposed electrical connections.
    • Exceeding allowed dimensions.
    To attend GSEF, all students selected to advance from a Regional Fair ("finalists") must 1) Register for GSEF, and 2) Submit forms/fees. It is strongly preferred to register ONLINE using the link provided in the Registration Instructions document, but a paper registration form is available for Regions that are not able to use the online method. For more information, please see the How to Advance to GSEF.