Economics Courses
(Offerings Planned for 2013-2015)  

 Course #

 Courses Title



Economics for Everyone Fall and Spring Semesters


Principles of Macroeconomics Multiple sections each semester; honors section Fall; Newnan section each Spring, online section each Fall and Spring


Principles of Microeconomics Multiple sections each semester; honors section each Spring; Newnan section each Fall, online section each Fall and Spring


Consumer Economics Each Summer


Statistics for Business I Multiple sections each semester, online section each Fall


Statistics for Business II Multiple sections each semester, online section each Spring


Macroeconomic Policy Each Fall


Intermediate Microeconomics Fall 2013, Each Spring


Economic History of U. S. Fall 2014


Economic Geography Each Fall


History of Economic Thought TBD


Economics of Sports Spring 2015


Economic Anthropology TBD


Forecasting Each Fall


Environmental and Resource Economics Fall 2014


Ethical, Moral, and Philosophical Foundations of Capitalism Each Fall


Money and Banking Each Summer online


Labor Economics Fall 2013, Fall 2015


Public Finance Spring 2013, Spring 2015


International Economics  Each Semester


Comparative Economic Systems Each Spring


Intro to Econometrics   Each Spring


Urban &  Regional Economics Spring 2013


Independent Study in Economics Upon request (see Chair)


Seminar in Economics Each Spring


Internship in Economics Upon request (see chair)


Current Economic Issues TBD


Business Cycles and Forecasting Each Fall (night)


Managerial Economics Each Spring (night on campus),  Each Summer  (Newnan or Douglasville Center)


International Finance Each Spring (night on campus),  Each Fall (Newnan or Douglasville Center)


Ethical, Moral and Philosophical Foudation of Capitalism   Each Summer


"This two year schedule shows a list of planned courses and as such is subject to change. At its sole discretion, the University may revise this schedule and any information  contained herein, without advance notice. No contract, either expressly or implied, is created by this schedule."

                                  Updated March 2013