Ethan Brown “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do”- Mark Twain. This quote is one of the key reasons I decided to pack my bags and study abroad. I wanted to accept the challenge of going to a place where I did not know the language, where food is art, and you can get lost in history. I discovered I love French wine, having a problem while you are traveling make the best stories later, and that by removing yourself from your influences you allow yourself to be confident in knowing who you are and what you want in life. Travel is unique to each person, always teaching you something new, giving you magnificent stories to share, and allowing you to see the beauty of our world.- Ethan Brown
Maria Escuela “My experience in China was something I will never forget. I had the opportunity to learn about another culture, meet successful business professionals, and go out of my comfort zone. I also met a lot of people during the trip that I did not know before and we became very close. I would recommended studying abroad because you honestly will grow up so much as a person. You will realize all of the opportunities that are out there for you that you didn't know before. I am actually going to Spain for study abroad in March and I am super excited! Richards College of Business provides great study abroad programs and you will love it if you go!” –Maria Escuela
Zeb Ott “I studied abroad in London in June with Richards College. I had never been off US soil and I had the time of my life immersing myself in the British culture and experiencing a new way of life on the other side of the world. I found it very enlightening to hear and see the culture of the people who had so much to do with the creation of my own nation. The most enjoyable part of my trip was my visit to the Portobello Market in Notting Hill- I saw some of the most intriguing street market vendors selling things from things from World War gear to mink coats and leather goods. I recommend all students take advantage of studying abroad through the university, there's nothing quite like spending time in a new country with fellow students.”- Zeb Ott