Jarrod Barnes

Jarrod S.  Barnes

Assistant Vice President, Growth
AT&T Services, Inc.
Dallas, TX

What is the one word that describes you, the program and your future?


What does "Go West" mean to you?

Go West means expanding horizons and blazing new trails. It means pursuing new experiences, embracing diversity and facing challenges. It promotes taking risks, getting out of comfort zones, doing things differently so that one may learn and grow.

Why did you choose Richards College of Business at UWG to receive your WebMBA?

UWG and the Richards College of Business came highly recommended in several publications related to graduate programs. Richards College of Business garners very high marks in student satisfaction, flexibility, staff competency and affordability. I also noted that the strength of the alumni network was formidable. The staff was extremely accommodating and supportive and I felt their personalities, attitudes and focus on students and academics were a reflection of the school as well as the program.

Where do you see yourself when you are done with your WebMBA?

I graduate in April of 2014 at the conclusion of the Spring 2014 semester. I realized the benefit of my MBA before graduating as I was recently promoted to Assistant Vice President, Growth Platforms - AT&T Business Solutions. This promotion would not have been possible without the MBA I am receiving from UWG Richards College of Business. The MBA also directly impacted the decision by the AT&T executive leadership team to select me to participate in the 2014 class of AT&T exclusive General Manager Accelerated Development Program (GM ADP). This robust opportunity, which is reserved for fewer than 40 general managers (out of the population of 7,000 GMs) across AT&T each year, includes development activities across three broad areas: Education, Experience, and Exposure. The MBA and the experience of the program have prepared me for an entirely new dimension in my career. I am a more skilled manager, a more effective leader and a much better business person (Financial acumen, decision analysis strategy, etc.). I see myself now equipped with the necessary tools and experiences to continue to evolve as a leader within AT&T and to develop my people and reach for executive roles with higher levels of exposure and responsibility.