By Victoria Collier

Senior Lecturer and long-time educator Joseph Abrokwa works incredibly hard for his students so that they may receive the best education possible. In 1980, Abrokwa received his MBA in accounting from the University of California and his Certified Public Accountant license. He spent several years working in banking, and after that he taught accounting at Georgia State University. His passion for knowledge shows through his many years of experience. He is a great example of what it takes to teach for the Richards College of Business.

“Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to become a professor. The thought of helping to shape the minds of the young and guide them in their careers always appealed to me,”Joseph Abrokwa Abrokwa said when asked why he pursued a career in higher education.

As a Senior Lecture, Abrokwa has taught every type of student. He understands the complexity of accounting and works diligently to explain the curriculum thoroughly. Abrokwa appreciates when his students apply themselves and take the time necessary to do well in his class.

“The most challenging part of my job is when I encounter the few students who exhibit behaviors that suggest that they are not interested in taking full advantage of the opportunities available at Richards College of Business,” Abrokwa said.

However, Abrokwa says Richards College of Business professors are dedicated to helping their students succeed. He sees teaching as a gift, enabling him to mold young minds and shape his students’ potential future every day. He says this keeps him motivated to be the best educator he can be.

“The most rewarding experience of teaching that stands out to me is the the chance to help students transform their lives,” Abrokwa shared.

Not only does he consider the needs of his students inside the classroom, but  Abrokwa also knows what it takes for them to be successful once they start pursuing professional careers.

“My advice to students preparing to enter the workforce is to pick a profession they love and then specialize in it,” Abrokwa explained. “They should also demonstrate commitment and dedication in whatever they do.”

 Another aspect of teaching is the work it takes before one sets foot behind the professor’s desk. Abrokwa kindly provided advice for people considering becoming an educator.

“For those seeking to become professors, you must love what they do, love working with students and love imparting knowledge to others,” Abrokwa explained.

Abrokwa is a Senior Lecturer at the University of West Georgia’s Richards College of Business. He teaches Financial Reporting and Principles of Accounting. He has an MBA in Accounting from the University of California.