By Victoria Collier

Cheryl Brown has a unique perspective as an educator at the University of West Georgia because she was also once a student here. Brown transferred here her sophomore year, and she’s been Going West ever since. With a bachelor's in biology and an MBA, Brown teaches multiple marketing and business courses for Richards College of Business. Brown’s positive disposition and her continuous care for her students makes her a prime example of what we mean when we say “The Best Go West.”

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is connecting with students,” Brown said, “being able to laugh with them (and sometimes at myself!) while teaching them and making aProfessor Cheryl Brown difference for them, whether they're a marketing major or not.”

Brown was originally drawn to UWG because of the smaller class sizes and the chance to really get to know her professors and classmates. It was no surprise that Brown decided to at stay UWG as she began her career, but how she ended up in marketing is a different story.

An opportunity to work as a graduate research assistantship in the Marketing Department helped her find her passion for the discipline. It may seem like a stretch to go from a bachelor's in biology to a career marketing, but both disciplines share common elements–strategy, data analysis, and developing questionnaires–which Brown found challenging and exciting.

“This drove me to find work in the marketing research field after graduation, which was a fun and rewarding experience,” Brown said.

Transitioning from student to teacher was an interesting experience for Brown, but she says she feels like she’s found her calling. As an educator who interacts with a diverse audience of faculty, staff and students, Brown enjoys arranging her seminars in unique ways that incorporate stories, examples and pictures so that people will digest the messages better.

Marketing covers a vast scope, giving her a unique perspective as a professor. By creating a broad picture and then breaking down the details, she strives to create an immersive learning environment adaptable to anyone.

Brown has worked as a professor at UWG for 14 years, so the deja vu effect of converting from a student to a professor has worn off, but it has become an ally in her career.

“Answering students' questions about West Georgia and being able to talk to them about the changes on campus and in Carrollton as a whole is a benefit,” she explained.

A popular question she is asked is what advice she would give to students interested in marketing as a profession.

“Get an internship!” she advised. “Even if the particular internship is not exactly what you want to do, it's all about the experiences and getting to know professionals working in the ‘real world.’"

Brown says one of her favorite parts of her job is keeping in touch with her students after graduation because she loves to see their careers and families grow. She says knowing that UWG is a part of who they are and that she was able to help them truly makes her day.

“I absolutely love working here, and can't imagine being anywhere else!”