German Perez Vargas was chosen as the finalist from among four presentationsThe Richards College of Business (RCOB) at the University of West Georgia recently completed the selection process to identify one student research project to be presented at the university¹s evening of student scholarship known as Big Night! German Perez Vargas was chosen as the finalist from among four presentations.
Vargas will present his research on the "Estimating Aspects of Columbian Drug Trade" at Big Night! on April 2. His research was sponsored by Dr. William J. Smith, Assistant Professor of Economics.

Big Night! is hosted annually by the Student Association for Research and Creative Humanities. Competitions for the honor of presenting research are conducted in the arts, education, business and humanities and winning students then make a 10-minute research presentation at Big Night! All other submissions are accepted for display as exhibits after the presentations.

1st Place:

    Student(s):  German Perez Vargas
    Title:  "Estimating Aspects of Columbian Drug Trade"
    Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. William Smith

2nd Place:

    Student(s):  Amanda A. Traber and Stacey R. Snyder
    Title:  "Some Causes of the Current Mortgage Crisis in the United States"
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Jim Burton 

3rd Place:

    Student(s):  Asad Ali Malik
    Title:  "Predicting Attendance for the Tampa Bay Rays"
    Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. William Smith 

4th Place: (Honorable Mention)

    Student(s): Tania Celis
    Title:  "An Analysis of Chinese Capitalism"
    Faculty Sponsor:  Dr. Hilde Patron