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Basic Grammar Skills

Affect or Effect

Would of or Would have

Communication Skills

Oral Presentation Tips 

  1. Writing an essay/presentation outline, Video Part 1: Information Arrangement Strategies
  2. Writing an essay/presentation outline, Video Part 2: Thesis Trees
  3. Writing an essay/presentation outline, Video Part 3: How to write about anything
  4. Writing an essay/presentation outline, Video Part 4: Going from a Thesis Tree to a Written Outline

Basic Grammar and Spelling 

How to Write an Essay 

How to Write a Professional Email 


Phone Conversations 


How to Correctly Research and Cite Sources

Writing a Case Analysis 

Writing a Memo

Writing a Paragraph 

Writing a 5-Paragraph Essay 

Writing a Research Paper 

PC Skills

General PC Skills

Email Basics 

Online Learning and Resources

Microsoft Office Skills 

Other Business Skills

CIA World Factbook Site 

    (contains detailed information about nearly every country in the world
    and is very easy to use. Categories include Geography, People, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military, and Transnational Issues)


Job Search Assistance 

Small Business 

Leadership Skills 

Proper Dress for Presentations/

Social Media

World History 

Affordable Colleges Foundation Business Concentration Guides: