Why Sustainable Business?

Our students do amazing things!SSBH student Hannah Baldizon with her Southwire mentor

• They've created a city-wide bike share program.
• They have aided towns destroyed by natural disasters.
• They conduct research and develop projects that directly affect workplace safety and employee attendance. 
• They attain jobs at companies like Supply.com, Southwire, and Gate 31 (in France)!

Businesses face a fluid and changing landscape, one shaped by a variety of factors from shifting market conditions to evolving tastes and technologies to developing customer needs. That’s nothing new. But today’s companies must ensure they meet these challenges in a sustainable manner that is focused not just on profit, but also on social, environmental and ethical responsibility. That means the next generation of workers needs to meet these challenges head-on as well!

That’s what the Southwire Sustainable Business Honors Program is all about – preparing SSBH student tours Southwirestudents to lead thriving businesses focused on the next generation, not just the next earnings report.

The only one of its kind in the United States, this program allows students to:
• Earn their bachelor’s, master’s degrees, and a sustainability certificate in four years.
• Gain real-world experience through internships. 
• Learn from a personal mentor in their chosen field of study.
• Participate in one-of-a-kind projects.
• Conduct research with real-time workplace application.
• Give back to the community by volunteering with Project Gift. 

Students learn traditional business practices through Southwire’s sustainability tenets of Building Worth, Growing Green, Living Well, Giving Back and Doing Right. Instructors weave these ideals into lectures, assignments, projects and experiences, both in the classroom and in real applications as students work alongside members of the Southwire team. As they build experience in sustainable business practices, students create positive impacts reaching the university, the factory floor, the community and within themselves.


  • Enrollment Standards

    Current Students

    Selected participants must do the following to remain in the program:

    • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher
    • Continue to enroll in Honors courses
    • Follow outlined curriculum plan
    • Complete all required extracurricular components
  • Program Overview

    Participants will complete a BBA in Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, or Real Estate, a Masters of Business Administration, and a certificate of Sustainability in only four years. There will also be numerous opportunities for service learning and hands-on experiences.

    Southwires Sustainable Business Honors Program
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    2017-2018 Cohorts

    2016-2017 Cohorts

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