About the Visual Resources Center

Located in the Department of Art, the Visual Resources Center holds an extensive collection of digital images encompassing painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, and photography across a broad range of cultures, styles, and time periods. This collection is available to all UWG students and faculty on MDID. The Center also holds videos on art, including documentaries, art films, and performance.

The Center supports the UWG Department of Art faculty and those students enrolled in Art History, Introduction to Art, and Oral Communications/Visual Arts courses.


Images for Educational Use: The following provides resources for locating public domain and copyrighted images and videos that are available for educational non-for-profit use. Before using any material, make sure to review attribution requirements and all other written of the author, photographer, and/or website owner.

  • Images

    A collection of images from UWG's Visual Resources Center in support of Department of Art curricula, with examples of artwork from the prehistoric to the present. Highlights include modern and contemporary art, photography, Western and non-Western art, drawing, and sculpture and installation. MDID features slideshow and flashcard applications for collecting and presenting images. Images are also available to download for educational use as JPEGs, PDFs, and PowerPoint slideshows. Accessible to all UWG students and faculty through MyUWG login credentials. (Faculty and students should contact the Visual Resources Center for requesting images to be added to MDID.)


    A digital library of 700,000 images available to UWG faculty and students through Ingram Library.

    Google Arts & Culture

    A platform for accessing high resolution images from over 1000 Google partner museums and archives around the world.

    CAMIO (Catalog of Art Museum Images Online)

    An Ingram Library database with images from museum collections, primarily in the United States, available for download.

    Library of Congress: Prints & Photographs Online Catalog

    Prints, photographs, and illustration from the Library of Congress archives, including landmark Civil War and WPA photography, the Master Drawings Collection, and historical images of US architecture.

    The Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Asian Art: Digital Database Collection

    More than 200,000 photographs of art and architecture from throughout Asia. Countries include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Collection Search
    The Museum of Modern Art, New York: Collection Search
  • Videos
    Films on Demand

    An Ingram Library resource consisting of 15,500 video titles, including art documentaries from the PBS Art: 21 series, BBC, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, National Geographic, etc.

  • Outsider Art References (ART 1201, Kirk): Find images for assignment in MDID first.
    Self-Taught Genius: Treasures from the American Folk Art Museum

    An exhibition of American outsider artists. Biographical information is provided with each artwork.

    Smithsonian American Art Museum

    A museum site that holds a large collection of American outsider artists and provides biographical information for each artist, which can be found by searching for an artist's name and selecting a specific artwork.

    Collection de l'Art Brut, Lausanne

    A museum site that provides introducatory biographical information for its large collection of approximately 400 outsider artists, with a concentration on European artists in addition to American. Keep in mind that the website text is translated from French to English.

    Oxford Art Online

    An UWG Ingram Library database containing basic biographical information and articles about prominent artists. Features more popular outsider artists.

    Raw Vision Magazine

    Documents news regarding outsider art and artists with searchable articles.


  • Services for Students and Faculty
    Services for Students and Faculty
    • Reference and research assistance locating images and other material for classes
    • Access to the Center's image collection via MDID
    • Scanning images and clipping video for course assignments and presentations
    • Help citing material
    • Tutoring in digital image editing and image presentation programs (Photoshop, PowerPoint, Prezi, MDID, etc.)
    • In-class instruction sessions on how to use MDID and other resources for finding visual material
    • Access to the Center's video collection and viewing area
  • Image and Video Orders
    Image Orders

    Art faculty and students may request assistance locating digital images and video for classes. Inquiries may be made either in person or by email. Most requests will be added to the Center's collection and uploaded to MDID for access.

    Scanning: Please send an email request and/or make necessary arrrangements to deliver item(s) to be scanned to the Center. For scanning requests of ten or fewer images, the Center tries to provide a 24-hour turnaround time.

  • Student Viewing Area for Films
    Student Viewing Area for Films

    For faculty who would like students to watch films outside of class, the Center provides a viewing area. Students should email for an appointment.

  • Copyright Policy
    Copyright Policy

    All use of material by faculty and students is subject to the University System of Georgia’s Copyright Policy. The Visual Resources Center expects that any images provided will be used for classroom use and study, in accordance with the U.S. 1976 Copyright Law.

  • Copyright Resources