Faculty and Staff Directory - College of Arts and Humanities
Name Department E-mail Phone #
Jeffrey Abney Art Department jabney@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Bonnie Adams, M.A. English and Philosophy Department bjett@westga.edu 678-839-4863
Jan Adams, BM, MM Music Department jadams@westga.edu 678-839-6272
Keri Adams History Department madams@westga.edu 678-839-5275
Lynn Anderson Foreign Languages Department landerso@westga.edu 678-839-5958
Daniel F. Bakos, Ph.D. Music Department dbakos@westga.edu 678-839-6269
Richard Barker English and Philosophy Department rbarker@westga.edu 678-839-4867
Philip Barnard, BM, MM Music Department pbarnard@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Christina Bearden Theater Department cbearden@westga.edu 678-839-4700
Laura Lee Beasley, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department lbeasley@westga.edu 678-653-1538
Joshua Black, M.A. English and Philosophy Department joshb@westga.edu 678-839-4890
John Blair Foreign Languages Department jblair@westga.edu 678-839-5953
John Bleuel, D.M.A Music Department jbleuel@westga.edu 678-839-6274
Keith Bohannon History Department kbohanno@westga.edu 678-839-6045
Stacy Boyd, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department sboyd@westga.edu 678-839-4851
Molly Breckling, Ph.D. Music Department mbreckli@westga.edu 678-839-2432
Julia Brock History Department jbrock@westga.edu 678-839-6037
Amy Butner Art Department abutner@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Josh Byrd, D.M.A Music Department jbyrd@westga.edu 678-839-6267
Katie Byrd, BM, MM Music Department kbyrd@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Nikki Byrom English and Philosophy Department nbyrom@westga.edu 678-664-7881
Omar Cabral Foreign Languages Department ocabral@westga.edu 678-839-6515
Crystal Calhoun English and Philosophy Department ccalhoun@westga.edu
Mandi Campbell English and Philosophy Department acampbel@westga.edu 678-839-2300
Kevin Casper, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department kcasper@westga.edu 678-839-4157
Stephanie Chalifoux History Department schalifo@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Brandy Chambless, M.A. English and Philosophy Department bjames@westga.edu 678-839-4881
Katie Chaple, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department kchaple@westga.edu 678-839-4860
Nawmon Choi Art Department nchoi@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Tammy C. Cline, Ph.D. Art Department tcline@westga.edu 678-839-6521
David Collins Art Department dcollins@westga.edu 678-839-4958
Lisa Connell Foreign Languages Department lconnell@westga.edu 678-839-5956
Muriel Cormican Foreign Languages Department mcormica@westga.edu 678-839-5955
Lisa P. Crafton, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department lcrafton@westga.edu 678-839-4871
Eilis Crean-Wojcik Art Department ecrean@westga.edu 678-839-4954
Robert Culbreth, BM, MM Music Department rculbret@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Amy Cuomo Theater Department acuomo@westga.edu 678-839-4703
Katie D'Entremont Philosophy Department kdentrem@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Betsy Dahms Foreign Languages Department edahms@westga.edu 678-839-5967
Brad Darvas Theater Department bdarvas@westga.edu 678-839-4701
Chad Davidson, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department davidson@westga.edu 678-839-4865
Gwen Davidson Art Department gdavidso@westga.edu 678-839-5298
Michael de Nie History Department mdenie@westga.edu 678-839-6033
Cecilia deAza-Post Foreign Languages Department cdeazapo@westga.edu 678-839-6515
Erin Dixon Art Department edixon@westga.edu 678-839-5530
Josh Dohmen, Ph.D. Philosophy Department jdohmen@westga.edu 678-839-4873
Janet Donohoe, Ph.D. Philosophy Department jdonohoe@westga.edu 678-839-4743
James Driver Art Department jamesd@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Brittney Beth Drummond, M.A. English and Philosophy Department bdrummon@westga.edu 678-839-4855
Ashley Dycus English and Philosophy Department adycus@westga.edu 678-839-4887
Glenn Eernisse, D.M.A Music Department geerniss@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Jennifer Egas History Department jegas@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Amy Ellison, M.A., M.L.I.S. English and Philosophy Department aellison@westga.edu 678-839-4882
Shelly Elman Theater Department relman@westga.edu 678-839-4704
Michael Epanchin History Department mepanchi@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Patrick Erben, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department perben@westga.edu 678-839-6144
Julia Farmer Foreign Languages Department jfarmer@westga.edu 678-839-5954
Shannon Finck, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department sfinck@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Kelley M. Frank, M.A. English and Philosophy Department kfrank@westga.edu 678-839-4158
Matt Franks, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department mfranks@westga.edu 678-839-4875
Gregory Fraser, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department gfraser@westga.edu 678-839-4856
Christine Fuchs Theater Department cfuchs@westga.edu 678-839-1859
Yvonne Fuentes Foreign Languages Department yfuentes@westga.edu 678-839-5335
Pauline Gagnon Dean's Office COAH pgagnon@westga.edu 678-839-5450
Angus Galloway Art Department agallowa@westga.edu 678-839-6521
John Garner, Ph.D. Philosophy Department jgarner@westga.edu 678-839-4886
Julia Gerhardt, BM, MM Music Department jgerhard@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Thomas Gibson, D.M.A Music Department tgibson@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Carol Gingerich, Ed.D.C.T. Music Department cginger@westga.edu 678-839-6273
Steve Goodson, Ph.D. History Department hgoodson@westga.edu 678-839-6042
Jerushia Graham Art Department jgraham@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Kristen Griffin History Department kgriffin@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Elizabeth Hamilton Art Department ehamilto@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Jeffry Hammack Art Department jhammack@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Joey Hannaford Art Department jhannafo@westga.edu 678-839-4951
Jacob Harbour Theater Department jharbour@westga.edu 678-839-4709
Rebecca Harrison, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department rharriso@westga.edu 678-839-4868
Jenna Harte English and Philosophy Department jharte@westga.edu 678-839-4880
Leah Haught, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department lhaught@westga.edu 678-839-2242
Julie Hawk, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department jhawk@westga.edu 678-839-4894
Sorrel Hays, BM, MM Music Department sdhays@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Thomas Hays Art Department thays@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Randy J. Hendricks, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department rhendric@westga.edu 678-839-5450
Sarah Hendricks, M.A. English and Philosophy Department shendric@westga.edu 678-839-4148
Mark Hendrix English and Philosophy Department jhendrix@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Kevin R. Hibbard, D.M.A Music Department khibbard@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Matthew Hild History Department mhild@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Laura Hill Foreign Languages Department laurah@westga.edu 678-839-5965
Emily Hipchen, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department ehipchen@westga.edu 404-242-5463
Susan Holland English and Philosophy Department sholland@westga.edu 678-839-4874
Andrew Hookom, M.A. Philosophy Department ahookom@westga.edu
Emily Hunt, BM, MM Music Department ehunt@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Myda Iamiceli Art Department miamicel@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Angela Insenga, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department ainsenga@westga.edu 678-839-4864
Melissa Jackson, M.F.A. English and Philosophy Department mjackson@westga.edu 678-839-5309
Melanie Jordan, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department melaniej@westga.edu 678-839-4156
Candace Keach, BM, MM Music Department ckeach@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Rosemary Kellison, Ph.D. Philosophy Department rkelliso@westga.edu 678-839-5514
Jason Kesler, M.A. English and Philosophy Department jkesler@westga.edu 678-839-4147
Robert Kilpatrick Foreign Languages Department rkilpatr@westga.edu 678-839-5960
John King Art Department johnk@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Anca Koczkas Foreign Languages Department akoczkas@westga.edu 678-839-5961
Arielle Korsgaard Dean's Office COAH akorsgaa@westga.edu 678-839-5450
Elizabeth Kramer, Ph.D. Music Department ekramer@westga.edu 678-839-6270
Elizabeth Kramer, Ph.D. Dean's Office COAH ekramer@westga.edu 678-839-5450
Ryan Lamfers Art Department rlamfers@westga.edu 678-839-4945
Robert Lane, Ph.D. Philosophy Department rlane@westga.edu 678-839-4745
Jonette Larrew English and Philosophy Department jlarrew@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Candice Larson History Department clarson@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Teresa Leslie History Department tleslie@westga.edu 678-839-4883
Charles Lipp History Department clipp@westga.edu 678-839-4552
Jade Loicano, M.A. English and Philosophy Department jadel@westga.edu 678-839-4744
Geoffrey Lundeen Philosophy Department glundeen@westga.edu 678-839-6636
Debra MacComb, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department dmaccomb@westga.edu 678-839-4869
Elaine MacKinnon History Department emcclarn@westga.edu 678-839-6048
Mary Mallory Art Department mmallory@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Joshua Masters, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department jmasters@westga.edu 678-839-4862
Justin Mayercik Music Department jmayerci@westga.edu 678-839-6262
Jennifer McCarthy Theater Department jmccarth@westga.edu 678-839-4700
Ann McCleary History Department amcclear@westga.edu 678-839-6041
Dawn McCord, D.M.A Music Department dmccord@westga.edu 678-839-6266
Molly McCullers History Department mmcculle@westga.edu 678-839-6046
Mitzi McFarland, M.A. English and Philosophy Department mmcfar@westga.edu 678-839-4159
Casey McGuire Art Department cmcguire@westga.edu 678-839-4952
Laura McKee, M.F.A. English and Philosophy Department lmckee@westga.edu 678-839-4965
Rod McRae English and Philosophy Department rmcrae@westga.edu 678-839-5311
Laura Miller, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department lmiller@westga.edu 678-839-4891
Margaret Mitchell, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department mmitchel@westga.edu 678-839-4852
Erin Lee Mock, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department emock@westga.edu 678-839-5487
Joseph Monaghan Theater Department jmonagha@westga.edu 678-839-1859
Stacey Morin, M.A. English and Philosophy Department scarter@westga.edu 678-839-2404
John Morris Art Department johnm@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Steven Morrison Art Department smorriso@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Scot Moyer Foreign Languages Department smoyer@westga.edu 678-839-6515
Bryan Murphy English and Philosophy Department bmurphy@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Pam Murphy, M.A. English and Philosophy Department pamm@westga.edu 678-839-4885
Dawn Neely, D.M.A Music Department dneely@westga.edu 678-839-6265
Harry Nelson Dean's Office COAH hnelson@westga.edu 678-839-4903
Harry Nelson, BM, MM Music Department hnelson@westga.edu 678-839-4903
David W. Newton, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department dnewton@westga.edu 678-839-4877
Beverly Noell, BM, MM Music Department bnoell@westga.edu 678-839-6516
April Oglesbee English and Philosophy Department aoglesbe@westga.edu 678-839-5128
Keith Pacholl History Department kpacholl@westga.edu 678-839-6044
Anna Payne English and Philosophy Department apayne@westga.edu 678-839-5179
Timothy Payne English and Philosophy Department tpayne@westga.edu 404-680-3818
Meg Pearson, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department megp@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Jeffrey Peterson, M.F.A. English and Philosophy Department jpeterso@westga.edu 678-839-4884
Ihor Pidhainy History Department ipidhain@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Timothy Pitts History Department tpitts@westga.edu 678-839-6301
Stephanie Polhemus Theater Department spolhemu@westga.edu 678-839-1857
Sandra Pollard History Department spollard@westga.edu 678-839-6034
Charles Powers History Department charlesp@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Richard Primuth History Department rprimuth@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Jane Redding Marrero, D.M.A Music Department jmarrero@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Nathan Rees Art Department nrees@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Jan Ridgway History Department jridgway@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Walter Riker, Ph.D. Philosophy Department wriker@westga.edu 678-839-5317
Larry Rivers History Department lrivers@westga.edu 678-839-6508
Clint Samples Art Department csamples@westga.edu 678-839-4949
Daniel Sanchez Foreign Languages Department dsanchez@westga.edu 678-839-6515
Debrah A. Santini Art Department dsantini@westga.edu 678-839-4963
Mark Schoon Art Department mschoon@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Timothy Schroer History Department tschroer@westga.edu 678-839-6040
Cale Self, D.M.A Music Department tcself@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Josh Sewell English and Philosophy Department jsewell@westga.edu 678-839-4854
Annie Shanley Art Department ashanley@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Crystal Shelnutt, M.A., M.B.A. English and Philosophy Department cshelnut@westga.edu 678-839-4858
Amanda Shoemake English and Philosophy Department amandas@westga.edu 678-839-4859
Kevin Shunn Art Department kshunn@westga.edu 678-839-4959
Stephanie Smith Art Department slsmith@westga.edu 678-839-4950
Lori Wilson Snaith, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department lsnaith@westga.edu 678-839-2269
Elizabeth Solis Foreign Languages Department esolis@westga.edu 678-839-6515
Kelli Sowerbrower English and Philosophy Department ksowerbr@westga.edu 678-542-4491
Melissa Sullivan Dean's Office COAH msulliva@westga.edu 678-839-5190
Rita Tekippe Art Department rtekippe@westga.edu 678-839-4953
Duane Theobald English and Philosophy Department dtheobal@westga.edu 678-839-5312
Valerie Thomas, M.A. English and Philosophy Department vthomas@westga.edu 678-839-5309
Felix Tweraser Foreign Languages Department ftwerase@westga.edu 678-839-5494
Alison Umminger, Ph.D. English and Philosophy Department aumminge@westga.edu 678-839-4857
Stephanie Urich English and Philosophy Department surich@westga.edu 678-839-6513
Gary VanValen History Department gvanvale@westga.edu 678-839-6036
Nathan Vargas Foreign Languages Department nvargas@westga.edu 678-839-6515
Colleen Vasconcellos History Department cvasconc@westga.edu 678-839-6032
Andrea Walsh Philosophy Department awalsh@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Caitlyn Weathers Art Department cweather@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Caitlyn Weathers Art Department cweather@westga.edu 678-839-6521
Kari Ann Wester Music Department kwester@westga.edu 678-839-6263
Brad Whitfield, BM, MM Music Department bwhitfie@westga.edu 678-839-6516
Daniel Williams History Department dkwillia@westga.edu 678-839-6046
Nadejda Williams History Department nwilliam@westga.edu 678-839-5370
Kimily Willingham English and Philosophy Department kwilling@westga.edu 678-839-4872
Nathan Wood Philosophy Department nwood@westga.edu 678-839-6512
Alan Yeong Theater Department ayeong@westga.edu 678-839-1858
Jeffrey Zamostny Foreign Languages Department jzamostn@westga.edu 678-839-5959
Ana Zapata-Calle Foreign Languages Department azapata@westga.edu 678-839-5963
Carmen Zinn, Ph.D. Philosophy Department czinn@westga.edu 678-839-6512