You must officially register with our department if you want to be an English major, even if you declared your major when you were initially admitted into UWG.

Every English major should have an advisor. Students under 60 credit hours are advised in the Advisement Center. Students over 60 credit hours are advised by a faculty advisor within the department. You should meet with your advisor at least once each semester during pre-registration to discuss the major requirements and help you decide what courses you need to take. It is your responsibility to contact your advisor to set up an appointment. If you do not meet with your advisor regularly, you might take the wrong courses and delay your graduation. Your advisor is also there to assist you with other questions and concerns related to your academic work at UWG. 

All faculty contact information is available here.

How To Declare The English Major

Stop by the department office (TLC 2255) to fill out a major declaration form or DECLARE ONLINE!

How To Get An Advisor

Once you've submitted a major declaration form, you'll receive an email informing you of your advisor assignment.  Students who are undeclared should set up an appointment to be advised through the Advisement Center.

Who Is My Advisor?

Already an English major and not sure who your advisor is? First, check your Wolf Watch. if you are assigned an advisor, that assignment should be listed there. Still unsure? If you are below 60 overall credit hours, you should go to the Advisement Center for advisement. If you are over 60 credit hours, you should be assigned a faculty advisor within the ENGL & PHIL department. Please email if an advisor is not listed on your Wolf Watch.

Thinking About Becoming An English Major But Not Sure?

We’d be happy to talk with you about our program and help you make the decision that is right for you. Just email our department office at and we'll provide you with more information on becoming a major, and will help you set up an appointment with the department chair to discuss our degree programs.

Declaring A Minor

Perhaps a minor will best serve your career interests. A minor in Literature, Creative Writing, Film Studies, or Africana Studies can significantly strengthen your professional skills in a variety of other majors, including business-related majors, computer science, mass communications, foreign languages, history, psychology, sociology/anthropology, law, and criminology. Information on these minors can be found in the college catalog and on our website. If you want to declare a minor in English, stop by the department office (TLC 2255) to fill out a minor declaration form or declare online:

For more information on the Literature minor, contact Dr. Margaret Mitchell.
For more information on the Creative Writing minor, contact Dr. Margaret Mitchell.
For more information on the Film Studies minor, contact Dr. Erin Lee Mock.
For more information on the Africana Studies minor, contact Dr. Stacy Boyd.

NOTE: A minor is not required for the B.A. English degree.

English Graduate Students should contact Dr. Patrick Erben, Director of Graduate Studies, for advisement.