Policy on Assignment of Upper-Division and Graduate Courses in English
Rev. and Approved, 01/23/01

Faculty of the professorial ranks are eligible to teach upper-division and/or graduate courses and should have the opportunity to offer at least two such courses on average during the regular academic year but, ordinarily, no more than four.  The Department will follow these procedures to ensure a fair distribution of courses:

1. The Chair (or Associate Chair) will maintain a regularly updated list for staffing courses numbered ENGL 2300 (Practical Criticism: Research and Methodology) through ENGL 4384 (Senior Seminar), excluding ENGL 4381 (Independent Study).  Faculty designated for courses will constitute a rotation for these assignments.  Departmental needs and other contingencies, however, may necessitate deviation from a strict pattern of rotation.

2. Designation of faculty for upper-division courses is contingent upon the needs of the department.  Beyond meeting the needs of the department, designation for courses will be determined according to at least one of the following criteria:

a) faculty member is engaged in on-going research in the area of the proposed course as demonstrated by publication, conference presentations or related work;

b) content of the course is coincident with the area of dissertation and/or area for which the faculty member was hired; and/or

c) faculty member has demonstrated prior successful teaching of the course.

Within the rotation preference will be given to those engaged in on-going research in the area of the proposed course.

3. Each January the Curriculum Committee solicits brief proposals for these courses: ENGL 4109, 4175-4310, 4385, and all 6000-level courses.  Once the Committee has approved a proposal, the Chair (or Associate Chair) places it on the list, and it becomes part of the rotation for that course.  Proposals not initially approved are returned with suggestions and an invitation to resubmit.