Criteria for Assignment of Summer Courses
(Adopted by the Department, April 1994)

All full-time faculty on nine-month employment contracts are eligible for summer teaching, as are part-time faculty under certain circumstances. Because of fiscal constraints which generally limit such opportunities, it is necessary to adhere to guidelines governing the fair assignment and rotation of summer courses. The principles delineated below are offered as constituting a formal policy in this area. It should be noted, however, that these criteria are contingent on the fulfillment of program needs, specifically our obligation to provide students with those courses essential for satisfying curricular requirements. That consideration is paramount in all planning of summer offerings, the staffing of which will then follow these guidelines:

1. During the fall semester, the Chair will invite all faculty to indicate their preferences regarding summer teaching. Those who by the stipulated deadline express interest in such duty will be considered for available summer offerings as authorized by the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

2. Courses will be assigned first on the basis of expertise and seniority, the latter term defined as years of service since initial full-time appointment. To the extent that the number of authorized sections permit, each faculty member will be assigned one course according to these criteria.

3. Faculty who have submitted written notice of intent to retire by a specified date will have priority for the assignment of two courses during each of their last two summers of eligibility. Because program needs (see above) are primary, however, this provision cannot be offered as a virtual or automatic guarantee.

4. Those who do not receive an assignment during a given summer, including those who after initial scheduling are bumped for reasons of insufficient enrollment or budgetary retrenchment, will have first priority in staffing for the ensuing summer. If such persons should decline that opportunity, they return to the regular rotation of eligibility.

5. Part-time faculty will be contracted to teach during summer sessions once all full-time faculty, according to the guidelines set forth here, have been considered for assignment. In such cases the same principles of expertise and seniority will operate as determinants of actual employment.