Criteria for Faculty Reassigned Time, Assignment of Faculty Responsibilities

The normal expectation for all faculty in tenure-track positions will be to teach twelve hours per semester.  Expectations for any tenure-track faculty include contributions in teaching, research, and service.  The awarding of release time will be based on the merits of the project, budget considerations and the EFT needs of the department.  Reassigned time may be approved by the Department Chair, with approval of the Dean.  The attached form shall be used in requesting, reassigned time.  A follow-up report must be filed within one month following the anticipated completion date of project.

Examples include, but are not limited to, extraordinary activities in the following areas:

I. Teaching

Serving, on graduate project and thesis committees
Developing new programs, and/or curriculum projects

II. Research/Creative Activities

Publishing refereed articles
Making presentations at professional conferences
Regional or national performances/shows
Writing books
Other scholarly contributions

III. Service

Leadership in professional organizations
Serving on departmental, College, and University committees

Non-tenure eligible, full-time faculty will be expected to teach fifteen hours (five three-hour classes). Departments will have the option to waive one class for service

The appeal process relative to assignment of faculty responsibilities will be through the administrative channels of Department Chair, Dean, Vice President, and President.