Voting and Participation Structure

Approved by the Tenured and Tenure-Eligible Faculty, 4-15-98

1. Tenured faculty may vote on promotion and tenure, post-tenure review, and third year review.

2. Tenured and tenure-eligible faculty may vote on departmental matters not covered in #1 above.

3. Although only tenure and tenure-eligible members of the department may vote under the conditions listed in #1-2 above, all members of the department--including all temporary term instructors and visiting assistant professors-- may participate in departmental decisions, including department meetings, discussions, and review of dossiers and other public materials.

4. Discipline specific issues involving English or Philosophy will be voted on by both tenured and tenure-eligible members of that discipline and any other members that the chair may appoint. See Statutes 102.0201.Section B.

5. Roberts Rules of Order will serve as a guide for all questions regarding parliamentary procedure.