Course Template
The following information should be available to students as a part of all syllabi for this course.

Course Information
Number: ENGL 2000
Catalog Name: American Speech
Instructor sub-title(optional)
Instructor Information
Instructor's name:

Office Location:

Office hours:

Required texts and other readings/materials

  • To be determined by instructor.

Course description

  • An investigation of the varieties of speech communities in America, emphasizing the practical applications of dialectology and discourse analysis.
  • A further specific description pertaining to this section of the course may be added.

Course Goals

  • Students will understand the basic concepts that inform language variation.
  • Students will recognize how language variation is shaped by historical, social, educational, economic, and political conditions.
  • Students will develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills by applying the tools of language analysis to "real-world" situations.
  • Students will strengthen skills in oral and written communication through weekly class presentations and regularly assigned writing projects.
  • Students will appreciate how language variation is related to issues of professional vocation, cultural diversity, information technology, and lifelong learning.

Program Goals

  • Oral and written communication will be characterized by clarity, critical analysis, logic, coherence, persuasion, precision, and rhetorical awareness (Core Curriculum learning outcomes I)

Assessment activities

  • Speeches, papers, facilitated discussions, presentations, examinations, etc. as determined by the instructor.
  • All sections must include at least (10) ten pages of writing in order to meet departmental expectations.

Other policies

  • Departmental plagiarism policies
  • Other policy statements specific to this class should be included on the syllabus.
  • Dates for completion of all assignments should be provided.
  • MLA style should be emphasized and required on out of class essays.