Mission Statement

The English Program offers a strong and diversified program of courses and degree programs; provides support at all levels for departments, colleges, and programs campus-wide; and serves the community and the region.

The English faculty are committed to the following principles:

  • Educating students at all levels to be literate, linguistically proficient individuals with a firm grounding in the cultural and critical contexts of Western thought;
  • Equipping students at all levels with the critical thinking and communication skills--both written and oral--that will allow them to pursue careers in a variety of professions, such as teaching, law, business, editing and publishing, writing, and research;
  • Offering a variety of writing-intensive, discussion-oriented classes that encourage active student participation and that incorporate current applications of technology;
  • Excellence in teaching at all curricular levels;
  • Integrating teaching and research, and actively recruiting students to participate in research and learning at the undergraduate and graduate levels; and
  • Contributing to the local community and to the region at large by offering public service through the service of its professional faculty and through academic and cultural programs that are open to the university and the general public.

English Program Learning Outcomes (updated March 5, 2016)

English majors will be able to

1.    Understand and assess the traditions, conventions, and contexts associated with the study of the English language and its literatures.

2.    Apply critical thinking skills to the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of information and ideas from diverse oral, written, and/or visual sources.

3.    Conduct research, develop organizational strategies, and compose professional documents using the academic conventions of English Studies as a discipline.

Annual Reports

2012 Comprehensive Program Review

English Major Grading Rubrics And Assessment

First Year Writing Program Grading Rubrics And Assessment

Core Area B1 Grading Rubric And Assessment

Core Area C1 Grading Rubric And Assessment

Core Area C2 Grading Rubric And Assessment

Course assessment data is located at UWG’s Assessment Website: http://www.westga.edu/sacs/index_14322.php