I. Department Organization and Administration

A. Organization

B. Administration

  • Chair, Department of English and Philosophy
  • Director of Graduate Studies in English
  • Director of First-Year Writing Program

II. Responsibilities and Professional Development

A. Temporary Full- and Part-Time Faculty

B. Lecturers 

C. Tenure-Track Faculty

D. Teaching

E. Annual Reports and Evaluations

F. Travel Policies

  • Policy for Allocation of Travel Funding
  • Travel Authorization Form
  • Travel Expense Statement
  • UWG Travel Policies and Procedures
  • Board of Regents Travel Policies

G. Other Professional Development Policies

III. Curriculum

A. First Year Writing Program

B. Scheduling

C. Approved Syllabi and Course Policies

D. Course Assignment Policies

IV. Related Faculty Policies and Resources

  • USG Information for Faculty and Staff
  • USG Regents Academic Advisory Committee on English
  • USG Academic Affairs