Dr. Chad Davidson

Professor of English / Director, UWG School of the Arts / Director, UWG Italy Study Abroad Italy Program

Chad Davidson, has spent a great deal of time both studying and living in Italy. A competent speaker of Italian, he attended language school in Bologna and studied Italian at the University of Perugia on a Rotary Ambassadorial Fellowship. Apart from directing the UWG Italy program since 2012, he has also taught in three other study-abroad programs since arriving at West Georgia in 2003 (Oldenburg, Germany, in 2005 and 2011; and Montepulciano, Italy, in 2006).

Dr. Erin Lee Mock

Assistant Professor of English / Director, Film Studies Program

Erin Lee Mock has traveled much of Europe, but it's the Cannes Film Festival that she considers her study abroad. This time next year, she'll have watched the entire catalogues of Fellini, Antonioni, Bellocchio, and Garrone with the subtitles off. 

Daniela Cittadoni

Owner and Director, Tasting Travel, Spoleto

Daniela Cittadoni is a licensed travel agency director who specializes in tours around her home region of Umbria (just south of Tuscany). With ten years of experience in the food and wine sector, and five years of professional tourism training, she also helps with coordinating apartments and classroom space for us while in Spoleto as well as leading tours of neighboring towns such as Assisi, Gubbio, Perugia, Orvieto, and others.

Elisa Bassetti

Owner and Director, Artelingua Language School, Spoleto

Elisa Bassetti specialized in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language at the University for Foreigners in Siena. From 2008-2012, she also collaborated in an online program through the University for Foreigners in Perugia (from whom she holds a master’s degree in Italian language education). Since early 2012, she has directed her own language school, Artelingua, in her home town of Spoleto. She offers intensive Italian training to UWG students as well as managing other collaborative projects between her Italian students and our program.