The course information linked to on this page has been approved by the English Department faculty, the Arts and Sciences Executive Committee, the Undergraduate Academic Programs Committee (UAPC) or the Committee of Graduate Studies (COGS), and the Faculty Senate of the University of West Georgia. This information should be used by faculty as a guideline for teaching these approved courses.

Within the linked information, you will find the course description, learning outcomes, and program goals for each course. This is standard information, and the department requires it to be included on each course syllabus. Specific required texts, assignments, and assessment procedures may vary depending on the instructor teaching the course.

Syllabi  for specific sections of any course are kept on file in the department office and posted online at each faculty member's homepage. All syllabi must conform to the approved department descriptions, learning outcomes, program goals, and policies listed here. Sample syllabi for some courses are provided below.

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   Upper-Division Grading Rubric  
ENGL 1101 Essay 1 Rubric ENGL 1101 Essay 2 Rubric ENGL 1101 Essay 3 Rubric
ENGL 1102 Essay 1 Rubric ENGL 1102 Essay 2 Rubric ENGL 1102 Essay 3 Rubric


ENGL 1101 (Composition I)
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ENGL 1102 (Composition II)
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ENGL 2000 (American Speech)
ENGL 2050 (Self Staging: Oral Communication in Daily Life) ENGL 2060 (Introduction to Creative Writing) ENGL 2110 (World Literature)
ENGL 2120 (British Literature) ENGL 2130 (American Literature) ENGL 2180 (Studies in African-American Literature)
ENGL 2190 (Studies in Literature by Women)

ENGL 3000 (Research and Methodology)
Sample Syllabus

ENGL 3160 (Philosophy in Literature and Film)
Cross-listed with PHIL 3160.
ENGL 3200 (Intermediate Creative Writing) ENGL 3300 (Studies in American Culture)
Cross-listed with HIST 3300
ENGL 3350 (Introduction to Africana Studies)
ENGL 3400 (Pedagogy and Writing) ENGL 3405 (Professional and Technical Writing) ENGL 4106 (Studies in Genre)
ENGL 5106
ENGL 4108 (Studies in the Novel)
ENGL 5108
ENGL 4109 (Film as Literature)
ENGL 5109
ENGL 4000 (Studies in British Literature I)
ENGL 4002 (Studies in British Literature II) ENGL 4003 (Studies in American Literature I) ENGL 4005 (Studies in American Literature II)
ENGL 4170 (Studies in African-American Literature)
ENGL 5170
ENGL 4180 (Studies in Regional Literature)
ENGL 5180
ENGL 4185 (Studies in Literature by Women)
ENGL 5185
ENGL 4188 (Individual Authors)
ENGL 5188
ENGL 4210 (Advanced Creative Writing)
ENGL 5210
ENGL 4295 (Young Adult Literature)
ENGL 5295
ENGL 4300 (Studies in English the Language)
ENGL 5300
ENGL 4310 (Studies in Literary Theory)
ENGL 5310
ENGL 4381 (Independent Study)
ENGL 5381
ENGL 4384 (Senior Seminar)
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ENGL 4385 (Special Topics)
ENGL 5385
ENGL 4386 (Internship)
ENGL 5386
ENGL 6100 (Seminar in Genre) ENGL 6105 (Seminar in British Literature I) ENGL 6110 (Seminar in American Literature I)
ENGL 6115 (Seminar in British Literature II)  ENGL 6120 (Seminar in American Literature II) ENGL 6300 (Seminar in Language and Rhetoric)
ENGL 6305 (Seminar in Literary Criticism) ENGL 6385 (Seminar in Special Topics) ENGL 6399 (Thesis)