Summer 2018 Online Course Offerings


Session 1

CRN 50707 ENGL 2130-E01: American Literature, Dr. Stacy Boyd

CRN 50715 ENGL 3405-1DW: Professional & Technical Writing, Prof. Crystal Shelnutt
DSW course.

CRN 50708/50717 ENGL 4/5188-1DW: Individual Authors:Shakespeare, Dr. Meg Pearson
DSW course.

Session 2

CRN 50722 ENGL 1102-E01: English Composition II, Dr. Patrick Erben

CRN 50729 ENGL 3200-1DW: Intermediate Creative Writing-Fiction, Dr. Margaret Mitchell
DSW course.

CRN 50978/51006 ENGL 4/5210-1DW/E01: Advanced Creative Writing-Fiction, Dr. Margaret Mitchell
DSW course.

Session 3

CRN 50973 ENGL 1102-E02: English Composition II, Dr. Kevin Casper

CRN 50974 ENGL 3405-2DW: Professional & Technical Writing, Dr. Melanie Jordan
DSW course.

CRN 50994/50995 ENGL 4/5005-1DW: Studies in American Literature II-The Post American Novel, Dr. Josh Masters
DSW course.

CRN 50981 XIDS 2100-E02: Intro to Gender Studies, Dr. Laura Miller
Intro to Gender and Sexuality Studies. Required course for the Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Session 4

CRN 50975 ENGL 3410-1DW: Technology for Editors/Writers, Dr. Emily Hipchen
DSW course.

CRN 50976/50982 ENGL 4/5002-1DW: Studies in British Literature II-Postcolonial Anglophone Literature, Dr. Matt Franks
DSW course.

Fall 2018 Online Course Offerings

100% online course

CRN 83212 ENGL 3410 1DW: Technology for Editors and Writers, Dr. Emily Hipchen
DSW course.

Hybrid course. Meets 50% online.

CRN 81867 FILM 2080-01: Introduction to the Art of Film, Dr. Erin Lee Mock
MW 11:00am-12:15pm