Proposal: Faculty in the English and Philosophy department will receive reassigned time for serving as directors of Master's and Honors' theses according to the following criteria:

1. A faculty member will receive reassigned time for research consisting of a one-course reduction in his or her teaching assignment for every six (6) theses he or she directs.

2. A faculty member must be officially listed as the director of thesis.

3. A thesis must be completed and approved by the gradate school or the Director of the Honors Program before a faculty member can receive credit as director.

4. Reassigned time will be scheduled in consultation with the department chair. Given the teaching and administrative demands in the department, it may not be possible to grant reassigned time immediately upon completion of six theses. The chair will schedule the reassigned time based on the research schedule of the individual faculty member, the overall needs of the department, and the availability of reassigned time.

5. Theses completed since the 1992-93 academic year (beginning in September 1992) will be credited toward the number needed to receive reassigned time. Rationale: Beginning in the Fall 1992 quarter, the department began to implement a policy of release time for faculty.