As of fall 2016, Methods and Internship (ENGL 4238 and ENGL 4286) will be moving back to the College of Education.  To facilitate this shift, the College of Education will take over the Teacher Education Program (TEP) admission process and advisement for the Professional Education sequence coursework effective October 1, 2015.  Please note that these changes only impact the Professional Education sequence.  They will not change the composition of your English Education major track, and they will not affect students graduating in Fall of 2015 or Spring of 2016.

Moving forward, all English Education students will have two advisors:

A) Students under 60 hours will be advised by Dawn Liverman ( and their COE advisor.  Elaine Heath-Ward ( will advise students A through L, and Lauren Book ( will advise students M through Z.
B) Students over 60 hours will be advised by their assigned English faculty advisor and their COE advisor. 

See for instructions on how to schedule an appointment with the COE.

To apply for the TEP, you need to have

  • a MyPSC account.
  • an official copy of passing GACE Program Assessment scores (or exempting ACT/SAT scores).
  • proof that you have taken the new GA ethics entry exam.
  • SPAGE membership.
  • a tk20 account.
  • 2.7 GPA (3.0 GPA as of Fall 2016).