Teaching Evaluation Guidelines for Full- and Part-Time Instructors and Visiting Assistant Professors

The English and Philosophy Department at the University of West Georgia is committed to both excellence in teaching and the professional development of its faculty.  To this end we offer a number of resources for instructors and visiting assistant professors in our department, including mentoring, review of student evaluations, and course observations by senior faculty.  Department policy regarding observations is as follows:

  • All full-and part-time instructors, regardless of rank, will be observed once in their first semester of teaching, once in the following semester if needed or desired, and once annually after that point for two additional years, with future observations on an as-needed basis.

  • Eligible observers are lecturers and any tenure or tenure-eligible faculty member as designated by the department chair.

Before the observation the faculty member should meet with the faculty observer to discuss the syllabus, the particular objectives for the classes the observer may visit, and the logic behind how these specific objectives fit into the syllabus as a whole. The faculty member will also be asked to provide copies of graded essays to the observer for review.

The faculty observer will evaluate the faculty member based on the following criteria:

Classroom Ethos
Adherence to Program Standards
Pedagogical Theory
After the observation the faculty member should have the opportunity to provide a self-assessment to be attached to the evaluation. These will be included in the faculty member's personnel file.

Evaluations may be used as part of the faculty member's dossier.

The Directors of First-Year Writing will coordinate all evaluation assignments for non-tenure track faculty.